July 6, 2016 ·  1 min read

25 Super Expensive Dishes and Drinks

You might think a luxury meal involves a great waiter, some delicious dishes prepared by a famous chef, and a bill of a hundred dollars or two at the end. You haven’t seen the foods on this list.

A $5000 bill might shock most of us, but it turns out some people actively seek out places where a meal (like the burger in the feature image!) would set a regular person back a few month’s rent. And though you probably won’t be trying a $34,000 chocolate cake anytime soon, it’s still interesting to observe mind-boggling wealth from afar. Check out these 25 Super Expensive Dishes and Drinks!

If you’re wondering what these foods do to warrant such a ridiculous price tag, here’s the lowdown: it turns out gold-plating your food is a thing. A thing that people actually do. And the gold is edible too, by the way. You don’t keep the gold, you just eat it. Us culinary plebeians will never know the taste of gold…

And if a thousand dollars worth of gold flakes on your meal still doesn’t do it for you, you can always just slap some diamonds on it (or, you know, a few hundred…) and call it a day.

Here’s a crazy fascinating infographic by IgniteSpot, featuring 25 of the world’s most expensive foods:

The Price is Ripe: 25 of the Most Expensive Dishes and Drinks - Ignitespot.com - Infographic

Feature image of FleurBurger 5000 courtesy of Val via Flickr.