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I’m Helen Hatzis, Chief Exploration Officer, and co-founder of Trip Jaunt.

This very site was born out of my personal blog Weekend Jaunt where I kept track of all the places I visited using the following pillars: eat, play, chill and stay. Today, Trip Jaunt serves as a go-to site for discerning women who have an insatiable need to explore our planet responsibly while leaving a minimal footprint – only taking memories. The discerning woman is one who is sophisticated, insightful, sensitive and wise.

Here at Trip Jaunt, we write about destinations that we have traveled to, to give you enough information to plan your next adventure! Check out our first-hand perspective in our Destination Guides or peruse our travel articles from accommodations to wellness and everything in between for inspiration.

Helen Hatzis


If you have a desire to explore and experience the world and all it has to offer, then you have come to the right place. We’re committed to helping you achieve your travel goals. And that dedication is what drives us to continue to create engaging and insightful travel guides and articles, day in and day out.

Helen Hatzis

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