Helen Hatzis
Helen Hatzis
July 9, 2024 ·  5 min read

7 Breathtaking Honeymoon Destinations Any Couple Will Remember Forever

With the blissful tumult of your wedding day not far behind, you’ll need a moment (or a few!) to recharge and spend some quality time with your spouse. But everyone recharges differently! Whether you prefer being pampered on some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, camel-riding adventures through a desert, or a week-long trek through native forests, we’ve got you covered.

Getting to the bottom of what you and your partner want and need will make for an unforgettable honeymoon, but the world is a huge place, with countless destinations offering numberless activities. Make sure to take your time browsing through options and going through the potential candidates that suit your goals!

To get you started, here are some excellent destinations we loved from Fodor’s Travel that will fit budgets large and small alike, and can suit any and all desires. Want volcanoes? Check. Like ancient ruins? Got it covered. Beautiful beaches without going abroad? No problem. The hardest part will be picking just one! (But we never said you had to… 😉 )

The Best Honeymoon Destinations At Home And Abroad

1. Nevis

Honeymoon Destinations

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You may not have heard of this Caribbean island, but you most certainly have heard of its most famous native, Alexander Hamilton (yes, he of the Founding Fathers, and Broadway’s current smash musical). This year, the island even became more accessible, with new direct flights from United Airlines via Newark. Its beaches have a reputation for being among the Caribbean’s most secluded and unspoiled, while its interior boasts verdant rainforests and volcanoes. Ample marine life encourages snorkeling between suntanning sessions.

2. Yellowstone

Honeymoon Destinations

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This summer, the National Park Service commemorates its centennial, which means parks across America will be celebrating with special events. Mark the occasion by visiting Yellowstone, America’s first park and the home of Old Faithful, hundreds of grizzlies, and the country’s most spectacular wilderness. Visitors can get close with nature in every way imaginable, via cycling, river rafting, hiking, wildlife safaris, fishing, boating, bird watching, horseback riding and swimming.

3. Jordan

Honeymoon Destinations

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The “lost” city of Petra is a true historical wonder, its rose-colored tombs and monuments carved into the mountains of southern Jordan. Spend several days exploring its ruins by foot—or camel—and be sure to return at night to see the magical site by candlelight. Other historic highlights in the country: the Dead Sea, a which has drawn visitors since Biblical times; and the awe-inspiring Wadi Rum desert, where Lawrence of Arabia made his home among the dunes.

4. Bhutan

Honeymoon Destinations

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Set in the Himalayas, Bhutan has long been a well-known destination for trekkers. But it is now quickly becoming a draw for many other outdoor activities, too, such as mountain biking, river rafting, rock climbing, and fishing. Extra special among them, for adventurous hearts: wild horse trekking tours through Bumthang, known as the “Switzerland of Bhutan,” an opportunity to explore the country’s most scenic valleys and the many temples and villages hidden within.

To add some variety, and give you even more (relatively) local destination ideas, here are some more of our favorites from another list by Trips to Discover. These locations are fantastic for those looking for a more laid-back getaway. You won’t find any desert camels here (most likely) and will remain culture shock free. Relax on the beach, visit some castles, or go for a scenic hike. These destinations will never bore you!

5. Florida Keys

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If you’re dreaming of the Caribbean, but can’t afford to fly overseas, the Florida Keys may be a great option. If it’s too far to drive, bargain flights to Miami can often be had from New York City as well as many other major cities throughout the U.S. Once there, rent a car and enjoy driving along the Florida Keys Scenic Highway which stretches for over 106 miles across the enchanting islands filled with palm trees swaying in the breeze and miles of spectacular ocean vistas. Once there, you can snorkel in warm waters, swim with dolphins, and watch gorgeous sunsets while toasting to your new life together.

6. Ireland

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Ireland has become one of the best travel values for those who want to honeymoon in Western Europe. In fact, Dublin has gone from being one of the most expensive capitals to one of the best bargains. Still, your best bet is to visit the Emerald Isle’s spectacular west coast, with its picture-postcard scenery, charming villages, castles and vibrant green that stretches for what seems like forever. With Bed and Breakfast accommodations found throughout the country, you’ll have a wide range of choices, including romantic thatched-roof cottages overlooking the Atlantic, with most priced under $50 per night per person.

7. Lake Tahoe, Nevada or California

Honeymoon Destinations

Courtesy of Trips to Discover

Lake Tahoe, nestled between the border of California and Nevada in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, is one of the most beautiful lakes in the country. It’s also one of the few places where you can relax on the beach and go hiking or skiing in the mountains on the very same day. Honeymooners will find plenty of romantic beach villas and cozy mountain cabins too. Enjoy taking part in outdoor adventures during the day, and an exciting nightlife at the casinos after dark.  In the wintertime, this region offers some of the best powder for skiing or snowboarding on the entire planet.

Hopefully one of these beautiful honeymoon destinations caught your eye. Now get out there and have yourself a sweet honeymoon!

And don’t forget to take a look at Fodor’s Travel and Trips to Discover’s full honeymoon destination lists!

And as our Chief Exploration Officer always says: As you embark on your travels, remember that our journey leaves an impact. Embrace eco-friendly accommodations, support local communities, and reduce plastic use. Respect wildlife by observing from afar and conserve resources like water and energy. Choose sustainable transportation, leave no trace behind, and participate in conservation efforts. Educate yourself and others about the environment you’re exploring. Let’s ensure that we tread lightly on our planet, leaving only footprints of kindness and taking home memories that inspire others to protect our beautiful world. Happy responsible travels!