Helen Hatzis
Helen Hatzis
December 7, 2016 ·  4 min read

Why You Need To Experience Houston By Visiting One Of Its Awesome Farmers’ Markets

Whether you’re a Houston local looking to turn the flavor up a notch with some tasty local fare or one of the many travelers who come to Houston seeking an authentic local experience, Houston’s farmers’ markets are an amazing way to immerse yourself in the food and culture of this warm-hearted city.

A trip to one of Houston’s many wonderful farmers’ markets is sure to leave you elated, and with a bag of fresh local produce (and maybe a tasty prepared snack or too). Get ready to be inspired to cook delicious, sustainable, and healthy meals for yourself, your family and friends, and maybe even for some friendly locals you’ll meet along the way!

While in Houston, keep your eyes peeled for these 7 spectacular farmers’ markets, where you’ll find a paradise for the judicious shopper and the gourmand!

Best Organic Farmers Markets In Houston

Rice University Farmers Market

Open every Tuesday 3:30 pm to 6:30 pm, rain or shine, the Rice University Farmers Market gathers in one of the university’s parking lots to offer visitors delicious local produce and some amazing eats.

Here, you’ll find all kinds of treats, from freshly baked bread to goat cheese, meat, and veggies.

The RUFM is dedicated to supporting activities, services and trade that promote the value of community, so the market is naturally a great place to chat and hang out. And all the fun is for a good cause too, as the market also aims to highlight the ecological and health benefits of supporting local farmers and eating fresh, sustainable, locally-produced food.

East End Street Market

Sunday morning, 10 am to 2 pm, is the perfect time to shop for veggies, local produce and fantastic street food. At East End Street Market, you can spend the whole morning picking out farm-fresh ingredients for the week to come.

The market features some amazing stands and runs for two blocks down Navigation Boulevard. Among the selection, you’ll find amazing food, bakers, artists, pet products, crafts, hand-made jewelry and more.

Memorial Villages Farmers Market

If Saturday’s the day, you may want to head down to the Memorial Villages Farmers Market, one of Houston’s prominent up-and-comers, for some amazingly fresh, locally-grown produce.

Open from 9 am to 1 pm, The Memorial Villages Market is the place for Gulf shrimp, freshly baked bread and delightfully sweet raw honey.

The MVFM features produce from local farms like Plant It Forward Farms, Johnson’s Backyard Garden and Animal Farm. Perfect for children, the MVFM includes a playground where the little ones can have tons of fun too. It’s also pet-friendly, so kids and animal lovers can always look forward to some fun encounters with adorable animals.

Urban Harvest East Side & City Hall Farmers Market

Urban Harvest’s Markets are put on seasonally just in time for the harvest, so make sure to plan your trip accordingly. The markets open from the beginning of Fall up until December 21st. You can catch them at two different sites, East Side and City Hall, on Wednesdays from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm.

Both locations are a vegan’s paradise full of delightful veggie-based eats, but also include tasty options for the carnivores in town. Of all the delicious choices, Guudbelly’s tamales, crepes from Melange and kathi rolls from Calcutta Rolls are just a few of the fantastic offerings here that are sure to make your week!

While the Urban Harvest Farmers’ Markets are mostly focused on prepared food, all of the eats on the menus are exclusively farm-to-table fresh. Beyond an amazing selection of prepared foods, you can still stock up on staple groceries like bread, eggs and milk, as well as fresh and delicious veggies and fruits.

Westchase District Farmers Market

A little smaller than most, Westchase market makes up for its size in a big way with its incredible selection of fresh produce, tasty food and convenient afternoon hours, Wednesdays 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm, which make it perfect for a quick stop after work or a long day of exploring.

Westchase District Farmers Market features regular stands from all kinds of producers from all around the area. You’re sure to get the best of Atkinson Farms, amazing Cheddar and Mozzarella cheeses from Brazos Valley Cheeses, the perfect craft gift from Katerra Exotics and tender cuts from Shiner Pork and Beef.

Clear Lake Shores Farmer’s Market

Clear Lake Shores is one area of Houston everyone needs to visit, and its farmers market is another unmissable option to check out while you’re there: warm, pet-friendly and, above all, community-oriented. The market can be found every Saturday, from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm

The atmosphere of fun, friendliness and local support is what Clear Lake Shores Farmer’s Market is all about. Locals don’t come here just to shop for essentials but also to get together, have fun, and enjoy amazing breakfast and lunch foods from deep-fried to vegetarian.

The local community usually brings along the whole family, and even their dogs, for the whole morning, so come for the wonderful local fare and stay for the great music and great people.

So make sure to check out each of these markets throughout the week, whether you’re always around or just visiting, there’s nothing better than a little community fun and a stomach-full of Houston’s freshest and finest!