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Add These MUST DO Activities To Your Bucket List

There is always an excuse to travel the world, whether, for leisure, adventure, history, culture, food, drinks—the must do list is endless. The following travel bucket list is a perfect combination of the best activities and thrill seeking adventures that you need to experience before you kick the bucket.

Experience Oktoberfest


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Oktoberfest is the largest beer festival in the world and is no doubt one of the best reasons to visit Munich, Germany. Throughout September, the Bavarian city comes alive as up to a million people from around the world flock to this volksfest. The city of Munich is filled with buzz and excitement as locals and tourists fill the shops, trying to find the perfect dirndl or lederhosen.

The traditional Bavarian outfits are a must have a costume for the festival, and will have you in the festival spirit in no time. Though these outfits can cost up to a few thousand dollars, you can easily find one for under $100 U.S. at one of the popular shops in downtown Munich.

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The Oktoberfest grounds takes up a very large area and is located in the heart the city, about a mile from train station. This makes it easily accessible, whether staying in the city or on the outskirts. The actual festival is comprised of over 15 large beer tents, all with different themes, colors, and beautiful decor.

The first weekend is definitely the busiest as the festival is kicked off with a parade and tapping of the beer kegs by the mayor of Munich. The tents are packed with up to 8000 keen festival goers, all in costume with a beer stein in hand. Feast on the gigantic pretzels and traditional german eats like chicken, sausage, and sauerkraut.


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Be sure to check out Hofbrauhaus Munich during your visit. This 4-story pub is one of Munich’s oldest breweries where you’ll find delicious german food and people dancing on the tables to traditional German folk music.

Bungee jump where it all began

New Zealand

New Zealand is not only a spectacular place to visit, it is also where organized commercial bungee jumping began. A. J. Hackett is a New Zealander who made his first jump from Aukland’s Greenhithe Bridge in 1986. Since then, a popular permanent bungee site has opened at the Karawau Gorge Suspension Bridge, near Queenstown on New Zealand’s south island.

If you seek thrill and adventure, don’t miss out on the most exciting, palm-sweat inducing activity there is. Nothing beats the adrenaline rush of peering over the edge to the ground hundreds of feet below, only to leap off and experience the terrifying free fall effect lasting from 4 to 5 seconds.

bungee jumping in New Zealand

Since the first permanent bungee bridge opened, other notable sites have become huge draws for extreme daredevils.

Check out the highest jumps in the world:

  • Macau Tower, 764 feet
  • Verzasca Dam, 721 feet

Glacier Hike in Patagonia


The Perito Moreno glacier in Patagonia, Argentina is a UNESCO world heritage site located in the heart of southern Patagonia. The glacier is 20 miles in length and 3 miles wide, making it not only one of the largest glaciers in South America but also in the world.

Approaching the face of the glacier as the boat pulls closer is simply the most breathtaking view. Get your crampons on and your ice pick ready and begin this spectacular hike along the top of the glacier with your group. After a bit of practice in the cleats, take in the colors of this majestic ice structure as the sun reflects the most beautiful icy blues.


Some areas along the glacier also give the illusion of gigantic shiny crystals rising up from the water, a sight that everyone needs to experience.

Volcano Board In Nicaragua

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Among the best adventures to keep you busy in this Central American country, add volcano boarding to your agenda. Nicaragua is well known for its group of volcanos, and Cerra Negro (Black Hill) is an active volcano located just outside the city of Leon. The dime-sized volcanic rock shards give this cone the perfect terrain for boarding or sledding down.

The adventure begins with a grueling hike up the mountain in peak heat, carrying your board up the trail which is not at all friendly to shade. Once at the top, change into the one piece jumpsuit and goggles which offer as much protection as you’ll get.

The descent along the slope can reach speeds of over 40 miles an hour, depending on how daring you are. The sharp volcanic rock that flies up is the least of the dangers, though be sure to expect some bruises. It is important to listen to your guide before the big descent, as the steering and braking instructions are critical. Volcano boarding has thrill written all over it.

Edgewalk In Toronto


Sign up for the edge walk around the CN in Toronto, Canada, and get the rush of a lifetime as you literally push your personal limits to the edge. The tallest attraction in Toronto promises an experience that is not at all for the faint-hearted and will satisfy the thrill seeker in you.

At 1168 ft. above the ground, walk around the circumference of the main pod of one of the tallest structures in the world, and capture the best view in the city. If you lucky to go during a Jays game, even better as you’ll get a bird’s eye view into the dome.

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This is a seasonal activity so be sure to make your reservations well in advance as it books up quickly! For the true thrill seeking extremists, you can even book your dream wedding way up in the sky.

Climb into a Luscious Cloud Forest

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Visiting a country’s rainforest is an excellent way of combining nature and adventure into a sightseeing activity. The Monteverde Cloud Forest in Costa Rica is one of the coolest rainforests in the world and one of the most well known, housing 2.5% of worldwide biodiversity.

The Monteverde Cloud Forest differs from a rain forest in that it is located almost 5000 ft. above sea level and defined by a constant canopy cloud cover.

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Either rent a car or register for a tour and drive way up into the mountains before even reaching the entrance. Once deep into Monteverde, you’ll notice the clouds drift in and settle among the plants, providing them with constant rich moisture. As the hike continues through this lush ecosystem, continue the climb all the way to the suspension bridge at the very top of the tallest trees where you will literally find yourself IN the clouds.

The diversity of animals is astounding, as birdwatchers come from all over the world to get a quick glimpse of their favorite rare species. Keep your eyes peeled for sloths, the slow moving furry creatures who also call this forest home. You are sure to spot the howler monkeys dangling and jumping from tree to tree.

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Each of these activities promises a memorable experience of a lifetime, so you’ll want to hurry up and start checking them off your list. Whether a relaxed walk through a forest to take in nature or reaching high speeds down the side of a volcano, there is a must do activity that will satisfy the adventurer in everyone!