December 5, 2016 ·  4 min read

Holistic Health In Houston: 7 Holistic Spas That Will Relax And Heal You Like No Other

Houston has countless options for health and spa travelers looking for just the right treatment. With this article, you’ll have all you need to experience everything Houston has to offer when it comes to health and relaxation, from the luxurious to the alternative.

The most amazing thing about Houston’s spas and retreats is the quality and range of holistic treatments. Aside from rave reviews online, each spa is unique in its own ways and is staffed with the same warm-hearted locals you would expect throughout the city.

Being pampered in Houston is an experience you likely won’t forget!

Best Holistic Health Spas in Houston

Massage Heights Midtown Houston

Massage Heights strives to improve your quality of life by making it easy for you to make skin therapy and massage a regular part of your daily health routine. They customize their treatments according to your needs, tailoring their massages to fit you. Here you’ll also receive helpful advice on topics from skincare to stress management so you can take this knowledge home with you.

A trip to Massage Heights is sure to leave you feeling fresh, with services on offer like aromatherapy, revitalizing foot scrubs and hot stone massages. Massage Heights’ price point is also not too steep for the impeccable quality, so your wallet won’t mind when you come back time and time again for a little more rest and relaxation.

Your Body Center

If you prefer a more active approach to holistic health, why not drop by Your Body Center and try your hand at yoga, pilates, or, if you’re feeling adventurous, something even more exotic like aerial yoga?

Perfect for bodies of all skill levels, Your Body Center offers over 70 different types of classes and programs in yoga and pilates.

At Your Body Center, you’re sure to find peace, and develop physical strength, balance, and confidence in the process. So whether you’re a local looking to pick up a new hobby or a traveller just dropping by in Houston with a craving to get a hot yoga session in during your trip, make sure Your Body Center is on your list.

Lava Bene Holistic Wellness & Natural Detox Spa

Houston’s Lava Bene Spa is one spa with a truly unique approach to health. Here, you’ll find many options to restore your body’s self-healing power and boost your immune system, leaving you healthier and happier for longer. Lava Bene believes that by focusing on the root causes of health issues, they can holistically improve your quality of life.

Lava Bene offers traditional massages as well as various unique, cutting-edge treatments to enhance blood circulation, increase the elasticity of artery walls, increase oxygenation and regeneration, and boost fat loss in pursuit of amazing long-term effects for your well-being.

Dolce Vita Day Spa

Dolce Vita Day Spa is one of the most popular and highly rated in all of Houston. While stylish and luxurious on the surface, Dolce Vita’s treatments are ultimately focused on the improvement of well-being and the pursuit of relaxation.

A trip to Dolce Vita is a highly personalized experience, full of soothing music, gentle water fountains and fragrant essences. The staff is exceptionally attentive to your unique needs and loves to recommend services that will do the most for your body.

While Dolce Vita takes a long-term approach to health, it’s still one of Houston’s top stops you shouldn’t miss for a drop-in massage or a quick day of relaxation in between adventures.

Houston Ayurveda Wellness Institute

Houston’s Ayurveda Wellness Institute has the philosophy that a good healer and Ayurveda practitioner is not only one who heals, but also one who teaches others to heal themselves, ideally before they are even ill. At this unique “spa”, maintaining a balanced, healthy lifestyle overall is key, and their services aim to provide the knowledge you need to do just that.

The Ayurveda Institute is a great place to learn about the roots of the problems that may ail you. During your visit, you’ll receive an enlightening consultation, and discover the best strategies to achieve wellness.

Among their many amazing services, you’ll have the option to experience herbal oil massages and natural detoxification, as well as lessons on weight management, skin care, stress management and Pranayama, the art of managing your breathing to center yourself and boost your health.

So come and learn about the philosophy and teachings of Ayurveda, and leave not only well rested, but also armed with ancient health knowledge to carry with you for the rest of your life’s adventures.

Milk + Honey Spa and Retreat

Houston’s Milk + Honey Spa and Retreat is as sweet and nourishing as its name suggests. Milk + Honey’s passion for helping you achieve relaxation and wellness shines through in everything they do, from massages, facials, body-rubs and waxing to their own line of incredible body-care products.

Milk + Honey’s modern yet warm design has made it a favourite for many Houstonians, as has their dedication to the use of natural and organic ingredients. Drop by any time of the year, and see if there any special seasonal offers while you’re there. Fall, for example, is a great time to try a pumpkin spice scrub with a steam treatment and massage.

Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa

If you’re looking for a massage or a facial during your stay in Houston, look no further than Hand & Stone Spa. The Hand & Stone Spa is home to experts on full body massages that relieve tension, soothe tired muscles and promote calm.

At Hand & Stone Spa, you’ll have your choice of massages like hot stone, deep tissue, Swedish, and trigger point, and the spa’s calm ambience and delightful aromas will rejuvenate you so you can keep on travelling.