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March 14, 2017 ยท  2 min read

Solo Traveling: Why You Must Venture Out On Your Own At Least Once In Your Life

Some of us don’t want to be seen alone. We reject the idea of going out to eat alone, seeing a movie alone or even walking down the street alone. This fear of being totally and utterly alone can flood our lives. It can cause us to never dive deeper inside and get to know ourselves better. We wholeheartedly believe solo traveling could change this.

But I’m Scared…

Solo traveling is no doubt a tad frightening. But think about this: all choices will be your own. Who you are and what you want will have to get the chance to take over and play, without someone else’s influences or ideas coming first. This is particularly important if you’re not usually the decision maker in your relationships.

It’s important to keep yourself safe and listen to your gut instinct at all times. If something just isn’t right, get on out of there. You’re much more capable of protecting yourself than you might think.

solo traveling

You: Learning About The One and Only

The actress Ellen Burstyn said, “What a lovely surprise to finally discover how unlonely being alone can be.” This is an empowering way to look at the world especially during solo traveling. After a long, rough flight, you’ve got yourself.  Or, after a hot day walking around, coming back with blisters on your feet and a body that feels like it’s overheating, it’s you cleaning and picking yourself up and getting yourself ready to move on to the next adventure.

In a world that can be hard on us especially the ones who have difficulty loving ourselves, solo traveling shows us how much we really can take care of ourselves and make choices alone. It’s a learning experience, diving deeper into your mind and heart and abilities.

solo traveling

It’s Easy To Make Friends Abroad, We Promise

Everyone who travels abroad alone meets people and makes friends. That is a fact, we swear. Even if you’re the shy, quiet type who doesn’t like to approach people, solo traveling has already got you out of your comfort zone. So, saying hello to people, starting a conversation? That’s nothing.

Being alone in a place no one knows you gives you the chance to be who you want. No one knows your past here. No one knows your secrets or has pre-disposed thoughts about you. Feel free to be yourself.


Getting Started

Once you’ve given some thought to solo traveling, think of a destination you’ve always wanted to go. Saving money, little by little, will add up more quickly than you think. Planning is the most important part of a trip and getting started early is ideal.

Also, cold feet is normal. You’re doing a brave and admirable thing but it’s a little scary too. Giving your self the chance to discover the world in your own way and trusting yourself to do so is a beautiful thing. To be able to be alone and to believe in no one but you to make things great for yourself is why everyone must do some solo traveling at least once. Remember this!

If this is the sign you’ve been waiting for to make a leap in discovering the world and the self, well, this is it.

solo traveling