March 26, 2017 ·  2 min read

Road Trip: The Top 5 Reasons To Begin Planning The Adventure Of A Lifetime On The Road

Make a vehicle your home and choose a route for your road trip. All are filled with more adventures than you could imagine.


1.  The Freedom

A routine can make you feel trapped. We all have one, and even when we’re traveling our days are sometimes planned to the tee. Scrap that! No more of that – and no, you won’t be bored by leaving your days open. Freedom while traveling on the road is refreshing and leaves you time to appreciate every second instead of being in a rush to get to the next spot.

Embarking on a trip like this is an adventure in itself. Even though you have a route planned out, you never know what’s around the corner. Allow yourself to be open to new experiences. Go off the beaten path from time to time. 

Another benefit of traveling by vehicle is being spontaneous with your time.  Taking it easy and not rushing is part of it, but to be open to going somewhere new or trying something new on a whim is reason enough.


2. The Beauty

Scenic routes can become some of the most memorable parts of your trip. The beauty of the nature around you, the people you meet and the experiences you create are one of a kind. Simple moments like cooling off in a lake, seeing an animal in the wild or laying on the sand are things you can look forward to.


3. The Memories

Memories you make on the road last a lifetime. The people you meet can be very interesting characters. The places you go can sometimes be very random, but that’s part of the fun. You will have such great stories to tell even if the stories are simple; they hold a magic – you were living free and easy.

With a full tank of gas and nothing but the road, there isn’t much on your mind. There’s excitement with this kind of loose traveling because it forces you to take every moment as it comes and goes. Nothing matters as long as you see something beautiful today, and you will.


4. The Being Dirty

Haven’t showered in a few days? Who cares? Seriously, you’ve got better things to do – like see the Grand Canyon or climb a mountain. Hygiene is important, yes, so jump in a lake with your organic bar of soap. No one said roughing it was clean. “I’m on the road,” is the only acceptable statement when someone comments on your smudgy appearance. Take advantage of it!


5. The Peace

There is a calmness in you while you’re staring out the window wondering where you will be next. This is a little escape from your daily life. Realizing how comfortable it is to have nothing in the itinerary and letting the day unfold as it may, is truly a wonderful experience everyone must have at least once.
Life is sometimes about slowing down and realizing the beauty around you. Take a road trip and let yourself relax. You won’t regret it.