Helen Hatzis
Helen Hatzis
November 1, 2017 ·  5 min read

Adelaide Guide: World’s First Carbon Neutral City In The Great South

When people think of Australia, they don’t necessarily have Adelaide on their minds. Instead, they could be thinking about visiting bigger cities such as Sydney, Brisbane or even Melbourne. There is always a ‘bigger is better’ mentality, and in this case, Adelaide just does not seem to fit that criterion of a big city. With slightly more than a million people residing in Adelaide, everybody somehow knows everyone, and you will feel the vibe of a small world.

The city is just a mere 3,258 square kilometers in size and is one of the smallest cities in the whole of Australia while still maintaining its title of the capital city in South Australia. Getting around Adelaide is relatively straightforward and easy too, and you would not have to deal with traffic congestion like that of Sydney or Melbourne. Well, that is certainly a major perk of visiting a small town!

Adelaide has been labeled as the ‘Green City‘ of Australia and has earned the title of being the most environmentally-friendly city in Australia. There are many initiatives implemented including that of achieving carbon neutrality by the year 2020 and the city council has also announced that they want to be the ‘world’s first carbon-neutral city’. Regarding climate, Adelaide can get very hot and dry during the summer months, but they have relatively mild winters. Don’t expect the weather to be like Melbourne because the chance of rain is meager in South Australia.




Hahndorf Restaurant at Adelaide Hills

Adelaide is also known to be the wine capital of Australia. If you are really into good wine, there is always winery tours available all year round, and you could book a tour at the vineyards when you are there. Take a weekend trip to Adelaide Hills and get lost in hundreds upon hundreds of vineyards at the local villages. The Hahndorf Inn Hotel is a major tourist magnet that was built in 1863. It is one of the earliest German establishments in the Hills and continues to serve the public great German brew up to this day.


Vineyards at Adelaide Hills

Another unique restaurant that serves up an excellent menu with some of the finest local ingredients is Clover Restaurant at Howard Vineyard. Howard Vineyard gives a rather rustic and casual vibe in a large terraced stone barn. You can give this place a try if you’d just like to enjoy a hearty meal coupled with a few glasses of wine for the evening.


History of Dunn’s Flour Mill

You could head over to The Bridgewater Mill which was a 1800s local flour mill converted into a restaurant and wine lounge. Suitable for party and dining functions, The Bridgewater Mill is one of Adelaide Hills iconic historical landmark. The world-renowned Head Chef Zac Ronayne leads the restaurant team and has experience in Japanese, French, and Mediterranean cuisine. The restaurant serves up a seasonal menu made up of local Aldgate produce, and you can most certainly enjoy fine wine on the patio by the fireplace.


Wine and cheese at Adelaide Hills

You can bring back a piece of Adelaide Hills home with you by plucking your own strawberries at Beerenberg Farm (it is also a great idea for the kids!). In Hahndorf, you could purchase local cheese at Udder Delights or Woodside Cheese Wrights to pair with your wine!




Victoria Square in Adelaide City Centre

Looking for some fun times in small-town Adelaide? You could take a city stroll at Victoria Square which is right smack in the center of Adelaide’s Central Business District. Victoria Square is the place for many special events and is also a great meeting place for hanging out with some friends.


Art Gallery of South Australia

You could also spend a day at the Art Gallery of South Australia where you can learn about some of Australia’s indigenous art history and Aboriginal culture. The South Australian Museum is also another hot spot for tourists and has already been in operation for more than a 150 years. If all that doesn’t fancy you enough, you can head down to Gouger Street to explore some of Adelaide’s best Asian restaurants.


Chinatown on Gouger Street




Henley Beach Jetty in South Australia

What could go wrong at a day at the lovely beach? If you are thinking of building up your tan or soaking up some healthy amount of Vitamin D, you can head over to Henley Beach and enjoy a walk on the jetty with a couple of friends or a loved one. If there’s one thing to remember Australia by, that will be the white sand beaches. At Henley, you can most certainly expect to see the picture-perfect white sand beaches. Using a photo filter for a place like this will do the place no justice at all!




InterContinental in Adelaide

The average hotel prices in Adelaide are between the price range of AUD$150 to AUD$250. Although the accommodation is more on the pricey side, you can get fancy hotels like The Hilton, InterContinental, and Crowne Plaza. Most of these hotels get relatively high ratings according to the UK Telegraph.


Hotel room in Adelaide

When there is a budget, and you want to prevent your pockets from a hole, you can consider a cheaper alternative such as boutique hotels. There are many excellent choices for boutique hotels in Adelaide, and they are below the price point of AUD$150 per night. If all else fails, there is always Airbnb for consideration!



  • Best time to travel to Adelaide is during February and March – there are plenty of festivals lined up at this time!
  • Adelaide doesn’t have a subway system, so be prepared to take a bus or even walk.
  • Bring plenty of sunscreen to protect your skin from high UV rays during the hot summers.