Helen Hatzis
Helen Hatzis
November 1, 2017 ·  6 min read

Brisbane Guide: City Of Always Good Weather

Brisbane might be the most chill city in Australia. It is the type of city where you can sit on the grass on a fine Saturday afternoon and enjoy a good book, or you can put all your worries away and escape to the beaches for a good sunbathing session anytime. Good vibes only! All you really need to think about is how to take a break from all that break! As far as weather is concerned, there won’t be a day you need to worry about whether you need to bring an umbrella or an extra pair of rain boots. The weather is fantastic. Apart from three months of cool winter in the low 10s, rarely below 10 degrees Celsius, the rest of the year is your lovely warm summer hovering around 22 degrees Celsius. Do people in Brisbane ever get tired of all that good weather? I guess not!


Brisbane’s public transport system, Translink

For the most part, navigating around Brisbane is fairly simple. Purchase a Translink go card, and you will be cruising around the city in no time. Brisbane is one of the greenest cities in Australia, and it makes perfect sense that they have a very convenient system of public transit. The Translink card will make all train and bus services fully accessible to you. You could purchase the card from any bus or train station and can top it up on a pay-as-you-go basis.


Brisbane’s bike share – CityCycle

If you want to opt for a healthier option, you can consider trying out Brisbane’s CityCycle services, which is a bicycle rental program available all around the city at your convenience.




Acai bowl for a healthy breakfast option

What is even better than strolling through the city’s waterfront and enjoying a delicious bowl of Acai berry under the trees? Brisbane is the perfect city if you are someone who is very health-conscious. There are plenty of places in Southbank that serve up hearty fruit bowls that will leave your heart content. Head over to Kiss the Berry if you are a fan of Acai bowls and all things summer.


Vietnamese Pho Bowl for a hearty meal

You could travel to West End if you want to find some super tasty and cheap eats! There is the much raved about vegetarian restaurant Govinda’s where you can practically find something you fancy on the menu. Or you could head over to Quau Thanh if you’re are feeling for Pho. A good bowl of Pho is always what you need as comfort food pho sure.


Coffee break by the Brisbane River

Are you in love with the idea of having brunch every single day? Well, you are most certainly at the right place and the right time. For the majority of Australia, the brunch culture is a huge part of being Australian. In Brisbane, brunch is the new hip thing in town. A must-try to put on your list is Deedot Coffee House on the south side of Brisbane. They serve up amazing breakfast items creatively on chopping boards that will fill up all that space in your tummy. Just the right kind of full and not the type that will make you unable to get up from your seats. And for Pete’s sake, do yourself a favor and try out their coffees! You could recognize the coffee scent from a block away!




Cedar Creek Falls at Mount Tambourine

With the endless summer, white beaches and cool tropical islands, you won’t ever be wondering what to do next. If you are up for some spontaneous fun and cheap thrills, you can head over to Cedar Creek Falls at Mount Tamborine just an hour drive South of Brisbane city. Chill by the waterfalls or take a go at some of the makeshift rope swings by the natural pool. Nothing beats a day at the falls with a nice picnic basket and cooling off with a swim.


Art sculpture at the GoMA in Brisbane

Feeling a little artsy? Why not head over to the Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA) and the Queensland Art Gallery for a day of inspiration. Marvel at the modern architecture of the GoMA and be in awe at the masterpieces of modern art in one of Australia’s earliest art museums. Take the opportunity to appreciate the quirky artworks of Yayoi Kusama’s Life Is The Heart Of A Rainbow exhibits as you enjoy a fancy cocktail from GoMA’s bar on Friday nights.


Brisbane Story Bridge

Climb up to Brisbane’s iconic Story Bridge to take a view of the city’s entire skyline from a bird’s eye view perspective. Whether it is during the day or in the evening, the view from up top the Story Bridge is simply breathtaking. If you think climbing back down is way too boring for you, you can opt for the option of abseiling 30 meters down this massive structure. You only live once, so live on the edge! If all that doesn’t seem enough for you, you can end the day with an hour and a half kayaking session by the Brisbane river and experience nature in the city with a different perspective!


Kayaking by the Brisbane River




Lamington National Park

If you haven’t felt the laid-back vibe of Brisbane already, you might already be assimilated to the lifestyle here! Congratulations! You could camp out at Lamington National Park, which is just a 90-minute drive out from the Brisbane City Centre. Take a break, pitch a tent, set a bonfire and chill by the falls in a cozy pair of jumpers.


North Stradbroke Island

Or if you haven’t had enough of the beaches, you can travel up to North Stradbroke Island by ferry and just soak up in the summer sun. Catch a glimpse of the dolphins while you surf and just let all that hair loose!




Brisbane’s Central Business District

Because of the relatively small size of Brisbane’s Central Business District, you might think that you don’t really have any options regarding accommodation. Well, worry no more! There are a ton of places to stay in the city area at fairly affordable prices. Unlike Sydney, Brisbane’s hotel prices are much more reasonable from as little as AUD$80 a night to a peak of AUD$150 a night. There won’t be much of a hassle to live in the heart of the city center because public transit is very convenient and everywhere.


Southbank Arbour Promenade in Brisbane

If you fancy something a little quieter, you can consider places like West End, Southbank or New Farm. You can kill two birds with one stone by paying a much lower price for accommodation while also getting your much-needed rest at a cozy spot. It only takes about 15 minutes to travel to the Central Business District area from these locations.



  • If you can, take full advantage of the spring season in Brisbane because the temperatures are the best during that time!
  • Opt for a Translink go card because it will definitely save you a tremendous amount of money while traveling.