August 5, 2020 ·  1 min read

Would You Fly on an Emirates’ ‘Diamond-Covered’ Plane?

Seems a bit ridiculous. I had to do a little digging to see if this was actually true and fortunately, it is not. This post made its round in 2018 and came across my desk (again) the other day. The ‘diamond-covered’ plane caused quite the stir!

According to Yahoo! Life the internet went nuts after Emirates airline posted a picture of a plane covered in diamonds and crystals on their Twitter account.

The Emirates ‘Bling’ 777 – which most took as a reference to the Boeing 777 aircraft – was pictured alongside baggage carts and shuttle bus vehicles, an otherwise everyday travel image aside from the plane’s spectacular embellishment by Sara Shakeel. [1]

Who is Sara Shakeel? As it turns out, the post is actually artwork created by award-winning crystal artist and posted on her Instagram account. And after all of the fuss she created with her initial post, she decided to do a little upgrade.

Seeing a plane in the sky during the COVID-19 pandemic is a rarity. Thus, seeing a diamond-covered plane is even more rare – even if it is an Emirates plane. What seems more realistic is this…

All jokes aside, you have to admit that the hoarding of toilet paper at the onset of the pandemic was a little ridiculous. Perhaps as ridiculous as this plane.

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