Staircases San Francisco
Helen Hatzis
Helen Hatzis
July 11, 2024 ยท  2 min read

Stunning Staircases in San Francisco!

San Francisco boasts some of the most beautiful street art, including its staircases. They certainly make achieving your 10,000 daily steps an enjoyable experience!

Arelious Walker Stairway

Arelious staircase – Photo credit: San Francisco World

The Arelious Walker Stairway, in the Bayview District and was erected in honour of Dr Arelious Walker, a former pastor and advocate for the neighbourhood. The thoughtful and intricate design features various cultural textiles and ceramics, including Adinkra cloth from Ghana, Native American painted pottery, and woven patterns from Central America and the Middle East. [1]

Lyon Street Steps

Lyon Street Step – Photo credit: K-Tjen Chong

The Lyon Street stairs start on Broadway Street and make their way from the Pacific Heights neighbourhood all the way down to the Marina District.

16th Avenue Tiled Staircase

16th Avenue staircase – Photo credit: Paolarg

You will find San Francisco’s most famous mosaic staircase at 16th and Moraga. It includes 163 individually designed steps. Now that’s a workout!

Vallejo Street Stairs

Staircases San Francisco
Photo: Art Vallejo

Starting at the bottom of Mason and Taylor Streets, the cobblestone Vallejo Street Stairs cut through the charming Ina Coolbrith Park, offering a lovely vista of Coit Tower and the Bay Bridge.

Lincoln Park Steps

Lincoln Park Staircase – Photo credit: L. Washburn

The Lincoln Park Steps are situated off California Street. It dates back to the early 1900s, the mid-aughts renovation brought this staircase back to life, care of Irish ceramist Aileen Barr.

Hidden Garden Staircase

Hidden Garden Staircase – Photo credit: Paolarg

The Hidden Garden Steps is a community-driven project aimed at capturing the essence and spirit of the Inner Sunset neighborhood. One section of these steps serves as a tribute to the firefighters stationed just a few blocks away.

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