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Zahra is a Pakistani-Canadian journalist currently based in London, UK.
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Souvenirs That Are Free and Meaningful And Start A Travel Collection

Experience is so much more important than any material object could ever be. Nonetheless, my inner hoarder refuses to come back empty-handed. At the same time, it’s important to support the local economy. A packed itinerary and a low budget often don’t allow us to splurge in shopping. Here are some souvenirs that will always […]

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Your Perfect Winter Getaway in Georgina Awaits

It’s hard to find motivation in winter because the 50 shades of grays can really bring us down. Canada has long winters, but that doesn’t mean we should have 4 months of “I don’t want to go outside the cold hurts my face” phase. A well-deserved break is closer and quicker than you think. Just […]