airplane cabin with lights dimmed
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Why Do Airline Crews Dim the Cabin Lights? (It’s Not to Help You Sleep)

When the first commercial flight took off in 1914, the model became obsolete only a few years later. However, that first flight from St. Petersburg in Florida to Tampa would lay a foundation for all other future models, including the luxuries that once existed on flights. While most are no longer available, one seemingly lovely […]

Leah Berenson

Leah Berenson

Freelance Writer

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You Can Work From Anywhere In The World, And It’s Easier Than You Think

There is a less-known breed of creator out there, a type as dedicated to travel as they are to their work. They are the expat-preneurs, and their name derives from “expat” (a shortened form of expatriate) and “entrepreneur” the name give to today’s innovative new business minds. But what exactly are expat-preneurs? In essence, they […]