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Helen Hatzis, is the Chief Exploration Office and Co-Founder of Trip Jaunt. Helen is a recipient of the Governor-General Award, has been honoured as one of Canada's Nicest People! A true xenophile at heart, she finds joy in traveling and delights in sharing her experiences through Trip Jaunt (formerly Weekend Jaunt), an online travel community and hub she established in 2010. Her aspiration is to inspire others to explore the world as she does! Helen is an esteemed advisory member of the North American Travel Journalists Association.
Jeremy Daniel Chicago
 · 5 min read

“Chicago” at the Ambassador Theatre: Featuring Ariana Madix

Working in the travel industry grants me unique access and insights into the latest trends. I recently traveled back to NYC to watch Ariana Madix from “Vanderpump Rules” perform as the iconic Roxy Hart. By the end of this review of ‘Chicago,’ I will provide a resource to help ensure you have the best possible […]

Toronto night lights
 · 3 min read

The Ultimate Guide To Adventure In Toronto

GET YOUR ADVENTURE ON BIKE RIDE – Take a tour (see below) or build your own adventure. Toronto Island Trail (5.5 km) Martin Goodman Trail (56 km ends at the Rouge River) Tommy Thompson Trail (only open on weekends) Lower Don Trail (10km) Humber River Trail (30km ends at Lake Ontario) CLICK HERE FOR ADDITIONAL […]

 · 8 min read

Orlando: A Tapestry of Fantasy, Technology and Cultural Diversity

Orlando, Florida, a city synonymous with the fantasy world of Disney World, has evolved into a vibrant destination that extends beyond its famous theme park. From the tech haven of Lake Nona to the modern transportation solution of Brightline, Orlando has become a hotspot for innovation and diversity. With Trip Jaunt’s four pillars of where […]

 · 5 min read

Savouring the Sophistication: Napa Valley Resorts & Wineries

Napa Valley, the heart of California’s wine country, offers endless opportunities for visitors to indulge in luxurious experiences. Two Auberge Properties, Stanley Ranch and Solage Resort & Spa, provide such unique getaways, each with its distinctive flair. This article delves into the surrounding areas, amenities, and benefits of both properties, followed by a brief overview […]

 · 16 min read

How To Travel Hack Airfare, Hotels, Food And More To Save Hundreds

It’s never been easier to compare travel and accommodation prices using sites like Hipmunk, Kayak, or Google Flights, but a little extra legwork can save hundreds on airfare, hotels, and attractions. Career traveler Matt Kepnes explains his best travel hacking tips just in time for your upcoming travels. This article is shared with permission from […]

 · 5 min read

7 Breathtaking Honeymoon Destinations Any Couple Will Remember Forever

With the blissful tumult of your wedding day not far behind, you’ll need a moment (or a few!) to recharge and spend some quality time with your spouse. But everyone recharges differently! Whether you prefer being pampered on some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, camel-riding adventures through a desert, or a week-long […]

Biker on mountainous road in sunset light
 · 2 min read

If This Man Could Travel The World On $5 A Day, So Can You

For those of us who have immigrant parents, we have (repeatedly) heard their ‘coming to a new country’ story with $5 in their pockets. And, how they left behind the only life they knew hoping to find a better one. Well, Leon Logothetis left a life of luxury in London, England behind to live on […]

 · 5 min read

Everything You Need To Know About Puerto Vallarta

The last time I visited Puerto Vallarta was in 1999. So long ago that my memories were fragmented. What remains in my mind are the miles of lush vegetation, the vibrant pastel colours and the salty air. Upon arrival, the welcoming, warm breeze carried that familiar salty redolent that brought me back to my first […]

chile mountain skiing feature
 · 4 min read

These Guys Revolutionized Camp By Taking Kids Mountain Skiing In Chile

As a child, I did not have the life changing over night camp experience. I, unfortunately (or, fortunately) had a strict immigrant mother who shunned at the notion of sending her children away to some wilderness to eat powdered eggs and sleep on the dirt. The nerve! And, upon recently receiving the Canada Camps guide […]

 · 3 min read

Why This Couple Spent A Month’s Rent In One Day At A Spa

Most of us try to travel cheaply and save money where we can. Traveling can get costly all on its own, without much effort. After all, the more we can save, the longer we can travel and the further our hard-earned dollars can take us. And, while we know that travel is worth the money, […]

 · 2 min read

This Mom And Her Kids Adventure Travel Like You’d Never Imagine

For most of us city-dwelling folk, an adventure travel trip into nature—into real, rugged, unadulterated nature—is a rarity. Even the most outdoorsy and passionate of us may take the car out of town for a hike, surf, or mountain climb, maybe once or twice a week. For us, a day or two trekking through dense […]