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Trip Jaunt Is Celebrating Its One Year Anniversary!

Happy anniversary, Trip Jaunt! This month, Trip Jaunt celebrates its one year anniversary since becoming a full-fledged travel website, catering to people from all over the world. Trip Jaunt’s journey began when Helen Hatzis, co-founder of Trip Jaunt, decided to turn her travel blog ‘Weekend Jaunt’, that she shared with family and friends, into something bigger. Hatzis, […]

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5 Kids In 5 Different Countries Who Are Changing The World

Children are the future, and it’s amazing what they have already been able to accomplish all over the world. These five incredibly inspiring young kids have been able to make a huge impact on many lives through their caring hearts and ambitious goals. Philippines Ken Amante, 9 The Happy Animals Club is a non-profit, no-kill […]

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Travel Across The US For $213

The splendor and ease of traveling via train are often overlooked. Picture yourself, a sprawling window in front of you with ever-changing scenic views. A waiter comes to offer you a glass of coffee or tea. Should you choose to opt for a private cabin, take an afternoon nap on your personal bed behind you. […]

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Top 5 Things To Do If You Find Yourself In Tokyo

In one of the world’s most densely populated metropolises with over 13.5 million people, where does a bewildered traveler begin? Tokyo offers world-class shopping, cuisine, nightlife, arts, and is extraordinarily rich in culture! From start to finish, a trip to Tokyo will whisk you away into a vibrant sensory explosion of color and light! 1. Cherry […]

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Top 4 Reasons Why I Love Traveling and You Should Too

Mankind’s exploration and migration have been the backbone of the globalized world we live in today. After eating ice cream out of the box and doing my daily 10 minutes of meme scrolling, traveling is definitely up there on my list of favorite things. Each and every one of us is composed of tales and experiences […]

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Paris: Shakespeare & Company, The Hidden Gem You Must Experience

Paris has always been a place of inspiration for artists around the world. Shakespeare & Company, an iconic bookstore with roots going back to the 1920s, was involved in creating some of the greatest work of the 20th century. With new releases as well as second-hand books from a past time, this bookstore will knock […]

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Travel Porn to Inspire The Wanderer In You

The hashtag #TravelPorn on Instagram will yield some pretty spectacular results. No, not that type of porn! Get your mind out of the gutter. It is, however, very stimulating! People are grabbing life by the horns and getting out into the world, documenting their travels with photographs. Travel takes us out of our comfort zone […]

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Plane Farts And What We Can Do About Them

Plane Farts: The Odour Of The Airborne Let’s face it, farts are everywhere, especially in the public sphere. The more people, the more flatus, a cheekily named gas culprit of offended noses everywhere. In particular, airplanes seem to create the perfect storm for flatulence production and eruption. Cabin air, including everyone and their brother’s fart […]

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The 5 Most Unexpected Wedding Destinations In The World

Weddings are celebrated differently in most cultures and areas of our globe. From the garb to food, to the location, the choices made are often deeply entrenched in tradition or religion. But, what about when they’re not? For many years now, new couples have been carving their own paths and picking new and exciting places […]

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5 Bridges That Will Trigger Your Acrophobia – Fear of Heights

Bridges are structural pieces of art and mankind’s greatest inventions. Besides quicker travel time and a superb view, being suspended above the ground on a man-made structure will for sure trigger your fear of heights. But you can’t say you have acrophobia unless you’ve stood on any of these bridges! New River Gorge Bridge Built […]