April 23, 2017 ·  2 min read

Why Family Vacations Are More Beneficial Than Toys

Balancing a family on top of a busy work schedule doesn’t leave much left over time. Breaking away from routine and experiencing new things is good for our mental health.

Can traveling be just as rewarding for children? Instead of purchasing toys that they will forget about, consider booking a family vacation instead. They’ll be better off for it, and you’ll enjoy lasting memories of quality time spent away.


The Science

Well, the rush of buying new things can make us happy in the short run, but it wears away over time. The joy of an experience such as traveling lasts forever. It is a better investment into a happier future according to professor Dr. Thomas Gilovich of Cornell University. Teaching our children these habits will benefit them in the long run.

As reported by The Guardian, too many toys can be overwhelming for young children under five. Our homes are often cluttered with discarded toys. By redirecting our purchases into experiences, we are building the blocks for a happier life.

Family Vacations

How Much Are We Spending?

According to, the average American household spent $830 on Christmas gifts alone. That does not include other seasonal expenses. Well the UK has the highest national spending average on toys per child at $438 according to Why not spend this money on travel instead? Toys appreciate in cost as children grow. A doll becomes a new iPad before you know it, but the memories from a family holiday will last forever.

The Benefits for Children

Many of the benefits of traveling we enjoy as adults, children can enjoy as well. Some of these include experiencing new cultures and widening our perspective. However, children might enjoy different experiences and even open our eyes to things we would not have otherwise appreciated. According to USA Today, some of the benefits of family travel include interactive learning and a historical perspective. Cathy Brown, an experienced world traveler, speaks about the benefits that traveling had on her children. Including, building confidence while facing new challenges such as navigating complex subway lines.

Family Vacations

Comparative Costs

Traveling is expensive but so are many modern gifts such as hover boards. Why not invest in an experience? There are ways to save on traveling including booking in advance. While birthdays, Christmas and impulse gifts can add up over a years time. However, most of the things we buy we do not need. Children often lose interest in toys over time, and they end up laying around and taking up space. Rather than view traveling as a huge expense, see it as an investment in experience and free space in your home.

Family Vacations

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Strengthening Family Bonds

Laptops and screen time combined with hectic schedules leaves little time for quality family time. It’s easy to get caught up in the everyday hustle and bustle. The shared experiences will help strengthen bonds. It can be a grounding point to reconnect while back at home.