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6 Places You Should Visit in Collingwood And Georgian Bay

The Collingwood/Georgian Bay area is one of Ontario’s most enchanting destinations for those seeking adventure, recreation or just a little R&R. Here we’ve narrowed the list to 6 places you should visit, so you won’t miss out. 1. Scenic Caves Nature Adventures In Collingwood, there’s a labyrinth of caves carved by glaciers, buried deep inside […]

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Travel Destinations Based on Your Horoscope Sign

Need help picking where you want to go on your next vacation? Maybe your horoscope sign can help!  Aquarius: Jan 21 – Feb 19 Travel Type: Off track Aquarians really want their travel adventures to be unique. They will never return from a vacation without a good book, a local guide or a new app […]

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Eco-Friendly Adventures and Unplugged Escapes in Colorado

Colorado is your next optimal destination if you are looking for eco-tourism that pushes the boundaries, exceeds expectations and is ecologically responsible. There are some incredible places to go, with everything from hiking to skiing, in every terrain and season. Colorado has tons of cozy places stay, a state that is as big as it […]

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8 Places Where You Can Have The City And The Beach All At Once

A city by the ocean is the best of both worlds, offering all the culture and excitement of a metropolitan, with beach and waterfront activities right on your doorstep. There’s no reason you can’t have the beach and live in a city, too. If you’re looking for the comforts of city life but love the […]

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7 Places From Movies You Can Actually Visit

Wouldn’t it be great if we could just jump through the screen and visit a scene from your favorite movie? It’s not as hard as you think. The settings for these seven movies are completely real, and fully open to visitors. You don’t even need a plane ticket to visit some of them. Don’t miss these seven […]

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Why You Need To Know About Abitibi-Temiscamingue, Quebec’s Best Kept Secret

You may have never heard of Abitibi-Temiscamingue, in Quebec, but this little-mentioned region is an incredible destination with so much to offer! The unique mix of Quebecois tradition, French cuisine, beautiful landscapes and true hospitality are unforgettable. Abitibi-Temiscamingue is an administrative region in Quebec having 5 regional county municipalities; Abitibi, Abitibi-Ouest, Rouyn-Noranda, Vallée-de-l’Or, and Temiscamingue. You’ll […]

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10 Waterfalls That Remind You How Awesome Nature Is

Waterfalls are nature’s way of showing off, combining power and grace into one mesmerizing scene. Whether it’s a thin stream pouring from a mountain in the clouds, or a rushing current beating the rocks with incredible force, every waterfall has its own way of drawing crowds. Take a look here at 10 of the world’s biggest, […]

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5 Reasons You Need To See California’s Natural Gems At Least Once

California is home to more than just laid-back surfers and Hollywood starlets. There’s a quiet side to the Sunshine State, full of ancient trees and sun-kissed wineries, just waiting for the right kind of traveller. If you’re looking for a more relaxing experience, one filled with stunning nature, world-class dining, and a lot more wine, […]

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Yosemite Mariposa County Guide: Adventure in All Four Seasons

Located in the majestic Sierra Nevada of California, Yosemite National Park in Mariposa County, is home to some of the world’s most beautiful waterfalls, massive granite formations and the oldest forests. Known as the “Crown Jewel” of the National Parks, no national park tour would be complete without a visit to Yosemite and the Gold […]

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Cuba Guide: Cuba, Far from Ordinary!

Cuba may be the Caribbean’s largest island, but the warmth and friendliness of its people give it an intimacy that makes you feel that you are amongst friends. Whichever backdrop you choose, whether it be turquoise waters, glorious lush mountains or the intricate architectural grandeur of its cities, there’s a spirit to Cuba that is […]