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8 Places That Look Like Something Out Of A Fairytale

We often take our world for granted, wishing instead for something more fantastical, like the magical world of Tolkien’s Middle Earth, or C.S Lewis’s Narnia. But what we don’t realize is that we have our fairytale-like places right here, within grasp in the real world. Through these eight sites, let go of the imaginary and […]

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5 Jaw Dropping Waterfalls In Brazil That Will Remind You Of Nature’s Vastness

Though Venezuela takes the crown for the 3,212-foot Kerepakupai-Meru, formerly known as Angel Falls, Brazil still holds its part in offering nature’s beauty across its diverse regions. Brazil’s magnificent and serene waterfalls thrive in the country’s many national parks and the countryside of small towns. Here’s a list of some of the best waterfalls we […]