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Aerial View Cityscape At Night In Tokyo, Japan From A Skyscraper
 · 1 min read

This Photographer’s Take On Tokyo At Night Will Blow You Away

Tokyo is famous for its bustling nightlife and neon-colored streets; it’s the Asian city that never sleeps, or at least one of the most prominent. But this photographer’s take on Tokyo’s staple nightlife scenes is far from average. Canada-based Liam Wong is a Scottish-born Graphic Design Director at Ubisoft, but he has a serious knack […]

Jade Small

Jade Small

Freelance Writer

Travel Photographer of the Year
 · 5 min read

National Geographic Announces Travel Photographer Of The Year 2017

This year, over 15,000 photographers participated in one of the most influential and recognizable photography competitions in the world. The National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year Contest 2017. The competition accepted entries taken in the past 2 years from thousands of photographers around the world. The grand prize winner receives a 10-day trip for […]