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Virginia Guide: Virginia is for Lovers

  EAT Food has always been at the center of Virginia hospitality – but the reputation as a food destination has taken on new dimensions in recent years with big-time news outlets telling the world that Virginia is the place for culinary travel. Esquire Magazine named Virginia the Food Region of 2014 and is but […]

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Singapore Guide: The Lion City On A Little Red Dot

Singapore is like a plate of rojak – best defined as a very harmonious combination. If you have never tried the Singaporean rojak before, you are obviously missing out in life! The mix-match of tropical fruits, vegetables, and dough fritters are tossed together in a bowl, drizzled with a generous amount of shrimp paste belachan sauce […]

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Philadelphia Guide: A City of Brotherly Love

Philadelphia is known for its remarkable entertainment options, iconic sites, indie shops, dining hotspots and cultural offerings throughout its diverse neighborhoods. It is the second-largest city on the East Coast and sixth largest in the United States. Philadelphia provides its tourists with a chance to become immersed in its rich history or to make their […]

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6 Dives to Captivating Ancient Underwater Ruins

Ancient ruins of our species’ history are found all over the globe. Each relic tells its own captivating story. It’s difficult to express the humbling feeling one gets when in the presence of the tremendous accomplishments of our predecessors. Or to revel in their swift and untimely end. In some cases, these ruins are no longer […]

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7 Of The World’s Most Vibrant, Colorful Neighborhoods

From the cobbled streets of Burano to the busy neighborhood of La Boca, pick a place around the globe and treat your eyes to the wondrous, colorful places of the world. 1. Burano, Italy If you were to bring a Crayola set to Burano and attempt to match each crayon with a colorful house, I […]

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7 Amazing Islands In Indonesia and Bali Isn’t On The List

From Sabang to Merauke, the most West and East part of Indonesia, the archipelago spans so many islands across its waters that some still bear no name and data. With some islands already becoming a hit in the Instagram world (including Bali), there are a few that need more credit. Here are seven mesmerising islands […]

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6 Singapore Cultural Festivals That You Must See

While some travelers may have local authentic food and points of interests of Singapore on their bucket list, there are many other things to get involved in when you are there. You might be surprised that one of the major driving force of tourism in Singapore is their local festivities. With a culture so diverse, there […]

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Is Your Leftover Hotel Soap Saving Lives?

According to the New York Times, bestselling Author Dr. Mercola, your leftover hotel soap could be reducing people’s risk of infectious illness. On vacation, you become accustomed to the luxury product your hotel stocks. The soap smells like roses on a warm summer evening, and the scent lingers in your mind weeks after your vacation […]

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Don’t Bother With These Tourist Traps In Prague

Prague: A Castle Filled, Historical, Bohemian Wonderland Prague is one of my favorite places in the world. An underground, contemporary, Bohemian art scene juxtaposes with untouched Old World charm and the best public transportation system in all of Europe. Castles surprise you around every corner, and unbelievably diverse architecture sprawls over your head and beneath […]

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Sunny Isles Beach – An Inviting Seaside Community

In the 1950s, before the boom of high-rises, Sunny Isles was known as Motel Row and has since become a top international tourist destination. With an estimated population of 21,962 and 1.78 square miles, this young city has developed at a fast pace since its incorporation in 1997. The funky 50’s motels and small beachfront hotels […]

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15 Things To Check Off Your Bucket List When You Visit Australia

Although small in scale compared to other continents, The Land Down Under, aka Australia, comprises of extraordinary wildlife, nature, and urbanscape. Australia is home to 19 UNESCO World Heritage sites, so pack your swim suits and hiking boots for the adventure of a lifetime! 1. Snorkel in The Great Barrier Reef Australia is home to […]