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10 Attractions in Philadelphia That Cater To Visitors With A Disability

It can be difficult to plan a trip when you or a family member lives with a disability. And since not all major tourist attractions are made accessible, looking for places that have wheelchair access, or assistive hearing can be challenging. Philadelphia is one state in the U.S that boasts citywide accommodation for over 30 […]

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Experiences vs. Things: Where Should You Invest Your Money?

Money can’t buy happiness, as the familiar saying goes. But this phrase refers to the buying of material things; be it cars, clothes, or expensive wristwatches. Of course, materialistic things do offer temporary happiness, and there’s nothing wrong with indulging in the pleasure of things once in awhile. But what about the long run? Where […]

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5 Southern Ontario Trails Worth Hiking

Ontario, yours to discover! And what better way to discover the beauty of this eastern province than under a canopy of its coniferous and broadleaf forests? Ontario offers a wide selection of hiking spots, From the National Trail that covers 6000 miles across Canada to the Bruce Trail which stretches across southern Ontario. Whichever your […]

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Yoga Vacation Retreat

Exhausted and ready for a break? A yoga retreat is a perfect vacation to relax and re energize your life! So you’ve been too busy at work, and you can’t for the life of you make your 5 o’clock yoga class, sound familiar? Sometimes in order to prioritize our self-care, we need to pull ourselves out […]

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Arizona: (Un)Believable. (Un)Expected. (Un)Real.

The Grand Canyon State is home to boundless wonders. From remarkable national parks to the quintessential Old West, Arizona is where divine landscapes and exhilarating adventures await. Long before Arizona became a state, people were drawn to the area’s beautiful weather and stunning vistas. Tracing back at least 12,000 years, the first American Indians found […]

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Jordan Guide: A Modern and Historical Delight

For a country that’s been around for thousands of years, Jordan offers plenty of appeal to the modern visitor. Whether looking for a thrill-seeking adventure, a seaside retreat or a connection to ancient history.   Modern Jordan was founded by King Abdullal I, after World War One, and today has grown to over ten million residents.  […]

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Five of the Most Famous Art Deco Regions in the World

Art Deco developed into a major architectural style across Western Europe and the United States during the 1930s. It was first introduced in 1925 at the Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes in Paris. The style, characterized by the use of geometrical lines and often stylized shapes, was an indication of wealth and […]

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A Guide to Jordanian Cuisine

Imagine yourself in Jordan walking through a bustling market filled with food, spices and people. The scent of Za’atar with it’s medley of thyme, oregano, sumac and sesame seeds surrounds you. As you walk further into the heart of the market, you catch a hint of cumin and the mouth-tingling cardamom, with its strong punch […]

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“The Restaurant of Order Mistakes” Hires Waiters With Dementia

So here’s the deal. You’ve been craving a burger all week, and you finally have time to go out and eat some. You find a cozy restaurant, sit by the window looking out to busy streets, order your dish and wait for your burger. After what seems like a decade to your rumbling appetite, your order arrives. […]

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4 Cities Where Full Civilizations Are Living Underground

In several places around our globe, you will find full civilizations living underground. However, of these cities, four stand out as unique. Many are the product of conflicting political forces and financial strife above ground. Whether the dwellings house unusually large civilizations or involve complex family structures, each tells its own tale of poverty and […]

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World’s 1st Wheelchair Accessible Waterpark

What child doesn’t want to float and swim in an ocean or pool or run around shooting fountains all day? Going to the waterpark means a day packed with endless fun and getting away from your parents. What better way to cool off in the summer! Unfortunately, water parks are notoriously known for being inaccessible to people […]

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Traveling Pets

It is no surprise that the number of families with pets is steadily continuing to grow. More than half, 52% of households in Canada have a pet, according to the 2015 Canadian Pet Market Outlook. These furry friends are a part of our family, making it hard sometimes to leave them as we jet set […]