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Fireflies in the Smoky Mountains Go Viral

Every year, people gather to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. It straddles the border between North Carolina and Tennessee. They come to witness firsthand, the famous synchronous fireflies. This year, Discover Life in America (DLiA) in partnership with Radim Schreiber of Firefly Experience hosted a virtual event for all to enjoy. For approximately the […]

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Stunning Trail in Tennessee Will Take You To Paradise!

Social and physical distancing protocol is still in effect. However, we all need to get outside, clear our minds and get in some exercise. Your best bet is to head out and enjoy an open area. It’s the safest option. For those of you in the Jameston, Tennessee area or road-trippers passing through, add this […]

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$20K to Hike the Appalachian Trail in 2021 + Beer!

You’re probably asking yourself, “am I reading this correctly?” We don’t blame you, we thought so too. It sounds too good to be true – ‘get paid $20K to hike the Appalachian Trail!’ Prominently listed on their website, the Devils Backbone Brewing Company in Virginia is actively seeking a “Chief Hiking Officer (CHO).” They have […]

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Recreational Vehicle Travel is the New Trend During COVID-19

For the past several months, we have been cooped-up with a bad case of cabin fever. The mandated lockdown has many of us feeling desperate to get out and do something; anything. However, with a concern of the second wave of COVID-19, most individuals are more troubled by the notion of sitting next to someone […]

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Hotel Hacks to Improve Your Stay

Here at Trip Jaunt, we are avid travellers, both for business and pleasure. Prior to the pandemic, I alone was clocking in approximately 100,000 miles annually. And, one of our favourite things to share with each other upon our return is a new travel hack we conceived or learned. We scoured the internet and selected […]

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This Design Takes Social Distancing on a Plane a Step Further

With countries moving into phase 2 and 3 or the COVID-19 re-opening of business, we are slowly seeing the return to full flights, and airlines are doing their best to reconcile revenue with safety. See our fellow travel writer Tim Leffel’s recent experience on American Airlines. It took a designer to tackle the issue of […]

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Wearing a Mask to a Theme Park in the Hot Sun

June 5th was the first time the Universal Orlando Resort theme parks re-opened to the public since the COVID-19 lockdown and writer Tharin White went with a friend and shared her experience in Attractions Magazine. [1] Face coverings is recommended when you are outside your home going to the park, grocery store and so forth. And, […]

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Stunning Treehouse Retreat in Queensland, Australia

Do you recall the famous novel by Johann David Wyss called “The Swiss Family Robinson?” It was about a Swiss family of immigrants whose ship en route to Port Jackson, Australia, goes off course and is shipwrecked in the East Indies? Long story short, they end up building a treehouse as shelter and live most their lives there (well they move to a […]

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Arizona Highways Stunning Photography Competition

Founded in 1925, Arizona Highways has been dedicated to proudly presenting its readers with the best of what the state has to offer for over 80 years. This monthly publication is geared towards an audience with a deeply-rooted interest in Arizona’s rich history and diverse culture. Arizona Highways highlights unique outdoor experiences, expert travelogues, and […]

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HIT this Routine to Keep You Healthy During COVID-19

Crazy schedules and responsibilities appear to be a thing of the past. And, since we are still practising social and physical distancing, sneaking in 30 minutes to maintain your physical wellbeing is doable. So let’s HIT this routine to keep you healthy during COVID-19. Adapted from the 30 Minute Hit workout leveraging boxing and kickboxing strategies, fitness […]

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There is a Stairway to Heaven in Colorado!

There’s a lady who knows… Did you know that there is a stairway to heaven in Colorado? And apparently it’s only 2,700 to reach the top? Okay, so it’s not ‘the’ stairway to heaven but close enough. For those of you who aim to do 10,000 steps-a-day, this is a piece of cake! Manitou Incline in […]

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Visiting a Beach Will Make You Happier

Visiting a beach will make you happier, according to science. If you literally carve out time to be near a lake or ocean, it will improve your mood. This natural benefit is called ‘blue space.’ Blue Space Science The positive impact of ‘blue space’ on human health and your well-being is paramount. Head to the […]