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Hoh Rain Forest in Washington is Enchanting

The Hoh Rainforest, pronounced “Hoe”, earns its name from the ever-flowing Hoh River that carves its way from Mount Olympus towards the Pacific Coast. However, where the name originates, is up to some debate. The word “Hoh” undoubtedly comes from Native American languages; possibly the Quileute word “Ohalet” which means “fast-moving water” or “snow water.” […]

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Dignity Statue in South Dakota is a Tribute to Native Tribes

Erected in September 2016, the 50-foot stainless steel Dignity statue depicts a Native American woman in Plains-style clothing holding a star quilt behind along her back. It was designed by Dale Lamphere. The statue looks over the Missouri River in Chamberlain, South Dakota, and represents the courage and wisdom of the Lakota and Dakota people […]

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Watkins Glen State Park is an Escape to Fairyland

Situated in the Finger Lakes region of New York is the Watkins Glen State Park. Within the park – and only two miles – the plush landscape carpeted by greenery, the Glen’s stream descends 400 feet past 200-foot cliffs. Here you will find 19 waterfalls from cascades, punchbowls, traditional falls, curtains, and plunges. The gorge […]

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A Haunted Hike In New Jersey, Will Send You Running For The Hills

Who doesn’t love a haunted hike through the woods in the middle of the night? Sign you up? So, what that makes the BoToNa Trail (short for BAck TO NAture) in New Jersey so frightening!? It’s the Jersey Devil! Haunted Hike The Jersey Devil story is centuries old. And, over the years, there have been […]

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The Last Blockbuster Video Store is an AirBNB

When I learned that the last Blockbuster video store was now an AirBNB option, I lost my mind. This reason alone is road-trip worthy. First of all, as much as I love to travel, I am a movie fanatic! This perfectly combines both passions. How did this come to be? Aside from the horrible business […]

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Italy has Revived Wine Windows

Restaurant and bar owners in Florence, Italy have embraced COVID-19 in an interesting way. They have revived the century-old tradition of wine windows. There are approximately 150 wine windows in the Florence area alone, with 300 catalogued throughout Tuscany. What are wine windows? After the Bubonic Plague swept through Florence in 1634, scholar Francesco Rondinelli wrote about […]

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Go on a Road Trip with Kevin Costner

You have heard people say “I could listen to them read the phonebook!” Ok, a millennial might not get that reference but Gen X’ers and previous generations know what I’m talking about. Well, your prayers have been answered! Kevin Costner is one of the storytellers on a new app called Autio (formerly HearHere). Have a […]

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5 Quirky Roadside Attractions in Pennsylvania

One of the best things about a road trip is the quirky roadside attractions you’ll see along the way. And if you are driving through Pennsylvania, you will see examples of novelty architecture and sculptures. Keep this list handy if you are heading to Pennsylvania! Quirky roadside attractions The Haines Shoe House in York Location: […]

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If You Could Travel at Mach Speed, Would You?

We are in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and the thought of travel is not top of mind. However, if you could get to a location faster than normally, say at Mach speed, and get to Australia in a handful of hours, would you do it? Live Aid Back in the 80’s during the […]

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What if the Planets Replaced the Moon?

Planets replacing the moon? Amateur astronomer, Nicholas Holmes made a video on his YouTube channel about it. All of his videos are about space and uploaded to his channel called Yeti Dynamics. This video has gone viral several times since he first posted it in 2013. To date, it has amassed almost 42 million views! […]

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There are Dedicated Places for you to Stargaze

When you were a kid, did you lie on the grass to look a-up at the sky to stargaze? Did you know that it took nearly two decades of work and cooperation from countless local leaders, residents, and business owners to create the conditions to create the Central Idaho Dark Sky Reserve? In 2017, the […]

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Would You Fly on an Emirates’ ‘Diamond-Covered’ Plane?

Seems a bit ridiculous. I had to do a little digging to see if this was actually true and fortunately, it is not. This post made its round in 2018 and came across my desk (again) the other day. The ‘diamond-covered’ plane caused quite the stir! According to Yahoo! Life the internet went nuts after […]