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the girl from ipanema
 · 1 min read

How “The Girl From Ipanema” Became the Icon it is Today

Tom Jobim was one of Brazil’s most famous artists. He is known for his bossa nova songs such as “Girl from Ipanema” and “Samba do aviã,o” which helped make Rio de Janeiro world famous. In addition to being a composer, Jobim worked as a pianist, singer, and guitarist. He was born in Tijuca and died at […]

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5 Places Around The Globe Where Music Will Inspire And Excite You

Music is the language of the soul. When we travel, we open doors to worlds of new sights and sounds. Around the globe, music is uniting travelers and locals alike. From the streets of downtown Memphis to the hot streets of Havana, Cuba, people are bringing happiness and creativity to each other. Ready to get […]