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 · 4 min read

6 Singapore Cultural Festivals That You Must See

While some travelers may have local authentic food and points of interests of Singapore on their bucket list, there are many other things to get involved in when you are there. You might be surprised that one of the major driving force of tourism in Singapore is their local festivities. With a culture so diverse, there […]

 · 3 min read

8 Bizarre Singapore Laws That Will Land You A Fine

The sunny island of Singapore is well-known for being a real fine city. Well, if you read between the lines you will probably realize that the word ‘fine’ is more than meets the eye. Fine describes how Singapore is attractive with all her exquisite flora and fauna. However, it also refers to all the fines and penalties passed […]

 · 2 min read

5 Hawker Centres In Singapore That You Must Visit

Singapore is one of the places where you can practically ‘travel around the world’ by using your taste buds. The small island is known for its excellent food from various cultures. But where can travelers find cheap and authentic food at reasonable prices? That is the million dollar question right there, isn’t it? For those […]