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Toronto night lights
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The Ultimate Guide To Adventure In Toronto

GET YOUR ADVENTURE ON BIKE RIDE – Take a tour (see below) or build your own adventure. Toronto Island Trail (5.5 km) Martin Goodman Trail (56 km ends at the Rouge River) Tommy Thompson Trail (only open on weekends) Lower Don Trail (10km) Humber River Trail (30km ends at Lake Ontario) CLICK HERE FOR ADDITIONAL […]

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This Mom And Her Kids Adventure Travel Like You’d Never Imagine

For most of us city-dwelling folk, an adventure travel trip into nature—into real, rugged, unadulterated nature—is a rarity. Even the most outdoorsy and passionate of us may take the car out of town for a hike, surf, or mountain climb, maybe once or twice a week. For us, a day or two trekking through dense […]

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Bali Beyond Yoga – 7 Places For The Adventurous Soul

The luscious island of Bali and widely known spiritual practice of yoga go hand in hand. Many tourists dedicate their entire trip to yoga, traveling halfway around the world to meditate in the beautiful landscapes of Bali. While many practice yoga for physical, mental or spiritual reasons, the beauty of Bali resides in more than just […]

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The Fearless Activity You Can Do at Any Age

Age is truly just a number, so throw the ageism mindset to the curb! At 101 years old, Mary Allen Hardison set the record for the oldest female to paraglide proving you can be fearless at any age.      Florida Coast On a recent trip to Florida, I sat bobbing up in down in […]

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Eco-Friendly Adventures and Unplugged Escapes in Colorado

Colorado is your next optimal destination if you are looking for eco-tourism that pushes the boundaries, exceeds expectations and is ecologically responsible. There are some incredible places to go, with everything from hiking to skiing, in every terrain and season. Colorado has tons of cozy places stay, a state that is as big as it […]