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Jurassic Park is Closer Than You Think

Kentucky offers a one-of-kind Jurassic Park for tiny palaeontologists and dinosaur lovers of all ages called Dinosaur World. The recently renovated park was created by Swedish businessman Christer Svensson. He moved to Florida in the early 90s and visited the first Dinosaur World. Then, it included dinosaurs that were made by the park employees from fibreglass, […]

Hoh Rain Forest
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Hoh Rain Forest in Washington is Enchanting

The Hoh Rainforest, pronounced “Hoe”, earns its name from the ever-flowing Hoh River that carves its way from Mount Olympus towards the Pacific Coast. However, where the name originates, is up to some debate. The word “Hoh” undoubtedly comes from Native American languages; possibly the Quileute word “Ohalet” which means “fast-moving water” or “snow water.” […]

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Would You Fly on an Emirates’ ‘Diamond-Covered’ Plane?

Seems a bit ridiculous. I had to do a little digging to see if this was actually true and fortunately, it is not. This post made its round in 2018 and came across my desk (again) the other day. The ‘diamond-covered’ plane caused quite the stir! According to Yahoo! Life the internet went nuts after […]

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5 Hidden Colorful Wonders In Istanbul Turkey

With its grand architecture, urban streets, and the large Bosphorus river right at its center, there’s never a dull moment in the wondrous city of Istanbul. The city of minarets is home to some of the world’s most known landmarks, like the Hagia Sophia or the Blue Mosque. Hidden behind these colossal wonders are bits and […]

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Why Family Vacations Are More Beneficial Than Toys

Balancing a family on top of a busy work schedule doesn’t leave much left over time. Breaking away from routine and experiencing new things is good for our mental health. Can traveling be just as rewarding for children? Instead of purchasing toys that they will forget about, consider booking a family vacation instead. They’ll be […]

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10 Expert Travel Tips To Help You Explore The Globe On Any Budget

I have collected tips and tricks to becoming a budget-friendly traveler through my years of extensive travel and also from living abroad. These small tricks have allowed me to explore the globe doing everything from residing in England to snorkeling in Cuba, on a tight budget. Make your travel goals happen with these top ten […]

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The Top 5 Parks and Gardens You Must Visit in Vienna, Austria

Vienna is not only home to some of the world’s founders of classical music, it’s also native to spacious green lands. Vienna is filled with stunning parks and gardens. Day trips around the city are easy because there is always room close by to take a rest. Especially if you’re budget isn’t big, spending time […]

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Discover New Zealand : 7 Natural Places That Will Leave You Breathless

New Zealand is the perfect destination to explore and experience the natural world. Filled with lush rainforests, active volcanoes and rich marine life, this landscape will captivate and amaze. Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie or a tranquil Pathfinder, this diverse landscape has something for everyone. Queens Town This destination is perfect for the thrill seekers. […]

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Tips & Tricks on Planning a Realistic Travel Budget You’ll Actually Follow

Friends and family are always keen to recommend places after coming back from holidays. Meanwhile, all you’re thinking about is the price tag. Traveling has a reputation for being a rich people sport, but if you find the right travel budget guide (like this one), you’ll be packing in no time. Step 1. Be realistic […]

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9 Gorgeous International Borders Around the World You Don’t Want to Fly Over

Over time humankind has created boundaries for political reasons. Other times, nature does it for us. Here are some interesting borders we thought were better if crossed without flight! Vietnam and China Ban Gioc/Detian Falls are on the Guichun River and straddle the international border between China and Vietnam. India and Pakistan The India-Pakistan Wagah Border […]

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Beat The Post-Travel Blues With These 7 Easy Steps

Traveling can be such an exhilarating and exciting experience.  I always go through the post-travel blues after a long trip away and count the days till my next adventure. The comfort of routine can be unsettling after spending time away. Break out of your routine with these seven tips on how you can keep the […]