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5 Incredible Places To Call Home For Less Than $500 a Month

2017 is the era of digital nomads and adventurous expats. Millenials can make a living by hopping from one country to another, relying on the wifi connection and the number of Instagram followers they have. But even with these new gen jobs, living expenses still add up. Finding a place that’s affordable, but also aesthetically-pleasing […]

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5 Hidden Waterfalls In Bali That You Didn’t Know About

Eclipsed by Bali’s world class beaches, prestigious resorts and fancy restaurants are five enchanting waterfalls that will take your breath away. Bali offers a diverse array of tourist attractions from yoga retreats and sacred temples, to adrenaline seekers surfing mighty waves and parasailing. The central and northern region of the island often remains untouched but […]

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Bali Beyond Yoga – 7 Places For The Adventurous Soul

The luscious island of Bali and widely known spiritual practice of yoga go hand in hand. Many tourists dedicate their entire trip to yoga, traveling halfway around the world to meditate in the beautiful landscapes of Bali. While many practice yoga for physical, mental or spiritual reasons, the beauty of Bali resides in more than just […]

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Six Unusual Traditions in Bali, Indonesia

Beyond astounding ocean views and exciting recreational activities, Bali also embeds rich tradition and culture that locals still practice today. Many traditions and legends originate from religious beliefs since the majority of Bali’s population practice Hinduism. Ingrained in these cultures come unique details and practices that you wouldn’t have guessed existed.  Trunyan Village Across the […]