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How Anyone Can Enjoy Dubai Without Spending A Fortune

Dubai is a city known for its luxurious inhabitants, its towering skyscrapers, its high-end cars, and its expensive hotel rooms. Surely visiting the most expensive city in the Middle East must come with a hefty price tag. And actually enjoying it must be for millionaires alone… but the good news is: it’s not! In fact, […]

Leah Berenson

Leah Berenson

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If This Man Could Travel The World On $5 A Day, So Can You

For those of us who have immigrant parents, we have (repeatedly) heard their ‘coming to a new country’ story with $5 in their pockets. And, how they left behind the only life they knew hoping to find a better one. Well, Leon Logothetis left a life of luxury in London, England behind to live on […]

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10 Expert Travel Tips To Help You Explore The Globe On Any Budget

I have collected tips and tricks to becoming a budget-friendly traveler through my years of extensive travel and also from living abroad. These small tricks have allowed me to explore the globe doing everything from residing in England to snorkeling in Cuba, on a tight budget. Make your travel goals happen with these top ten […]

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Backpacking Budget? The Best Countries You Can Visit For $20 A Day

Heading out to see the world can be very hard on a tight budget. To do it, you’ll need to grab your backpack, your favorite pair of running shoes and the best deals out there. These are some of the best countries to visit as a backpacker, places where you can live on as little […]