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Aerial View Cityscape At Night In Tokyo, Japan From A Skyscraper
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This Photographer’s Take On Tokyo At Night Will Blow You Away

Tokyo is famous for its bustling nightlife and neon-colored streets; it’s the Asian city that never sleeps, or at least one of the most prominent. But this photographer’s take on Tokyo’s staple nightlife scenes is far from average. Canada-based Liam Wong is a Scottish-born Graphic Design Director at Ubisoft, but he has a serious knack […]

Jade Small

Jade Small

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Arizona Highways
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Arizona Highways Stunning Photography Competition

Founded in 1925, Arizona Highways has been dedicated to proudly presenting its readers with the best of what the state has to offer for over 80 years. This monthly publication is geared towards an audience with a deeply-rooted interest in Arizona’s rich history and diverse culture. Arizona Highways highlights unique outdoor experiences, expert travelogues, and […]

professional photos
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How to Get Pro Travel Photography Results With Your Smartphone

I find it extremely difficult to leave people and places I’ve built connections with while traveling. The only thing that gets me along is the fact that I can take home some travel photography to look back on. Travel and photography go hand in hand. With the convenience of modern technology, individuals with no knowledge […]

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6 Jaw-Dropping Travel Instagrams Anyone With A Phone Needs To Follow

Instagram and travel go together so perfectly. What better way to keep your travel motivation at an all-time high than with beautiful travel photographs constantly being sent to your feed? That’s why we’ve collected some destination-based Instagram accounts (and one exception) that upload stunning travel photos regularly. Naturally, this list is far from exclusive, and […]

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Nobody’s Photographed Fukushima Since Meltdown… Until Now

In the March of 2011, an earthquake rocked Japan. The tsunami that followed lead to meltdowns in the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. A rapid evacuation took place and an exclusion zone surrounding the reactor was set up with strict regulations for anyone wishing to enter it. Since the disaster, international attention has zeroed in […]