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Don’t Bother With These Tourist Traps In Prague

Prague: A Castle Filled, Historical, Bohemian Wonderland Prague is one of my favorite places in the world. An underground, contemporary, Bohemian art scene juxtaposes with untouched Old World charm and the best public transportation system in all of Europe. Castles surprise you around every corner, and unbelievably diverse architecture sprawls over your head and beneath […]

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Why Prague Is A Great Option For First Time Travellers

Prague: Travelling For Beginners Greetings to all first-time travellers planning your first trip into the great big world! You have come to the right place. Maybe you’ve gone on a few all-inclusive vacations before, and now you’re ready to dive into the real deal. Maybe you’ve always had your eyes set on Europe, but simply […]

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Prague Neighborhoods: What’s What And Where

The Puzzle Pieces of Prague The many districts of Prague often confound new travelers. Although small and compact, Prague can seem overwhelming to someone not familiar with the different neighborhoods and districts. To simplify, the city is comprised of small and larger chunks, called districts. The districts range from Prague 1 to Prague 10. Within […]