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Would You Fly on an Emirates’ ‘Diamond-Covered’ Plane?

Seems a bit ridiculous. I had to do a little digging to see if this was actually true and fortunately, it is not. This post made its round in 2018 and came across my desk (again) the other day. The ‘diamond-covered’ plane caused quite the stir! According to Yahoo! Life the internet went nuts after […]

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Plane Farts And What We Can Do About Them

Plane Farts: The Odour Of The Airborne Let’s face it, farts are everywhere, especially in the public sphere. The more people, the more flatus, a cheekily named gas culprit of offended noses everywhere. In particular, airplanes seem to create the perfect storm for flatulence production and eruption. Cabin air, including everyone and their brother’s fart […]

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The 5 Most Unexpected Wedding Destinations In The World

Weddings are celebrated differently in most cultures and areas of our globe. From the garb to food, to the location, the choices made are often deeply entrenched in tradition or religion. But, what about when they’re not? For many years now, new couples have been carving their own paths and picking new and exciting places […]