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Aerial View Cityscape At Night In Tokyo, Japan From A Skyscraper
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This Photographer’s Take On Tokyo At Night Will Blow You Away

Tokyo is famous for its bustling nightlife and neon-colored streets; it’s the Asian city that never sleeps, or at least one of the most prominent. But this photographer’s take on Tokyo’s staple nightlife scenes is far from average. Canada-based Liam Wong is a Scottish-born Graphic Design Director at Ubisoft, but he has a serious knack […]

Jade Small

Jade Small

Freelance Writer

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Top 5 Things To Do If You Find Yourself In Tokyo

In one of the world’s most densely populated metropolises with over 13.5 million people, where does a bewildered traveler begin? Tokyo offers world-class shopping, cuisine, nightlife, arts, and is extraordinarily rich in culture! From start to finish, a trip to Tokyo will whisk you away into a vibrant sensory explosion of color and light! 1. Cherry […]

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Make Sleeping Fun Again With These 10 Unique Hotels

There seems to be no place we won’t try sleeping at least once. From cabins balanced high on forest branches, to feather beds under the sea, people are constantly leaving the comfort of their own bedrooms for stranger and wilder accommodations. Before heading out on your next vacation, take a look at these 10 unusual […]