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Italy has Revived Wine Windows

Restaurant and bar owners in Florence, Italy have embraced COVID-19 in an interesting way. They have revived the century-old tradition of wine windows. There are approximately 150 wine windows in the Florence area alone, with 300 catalogued throughout Tuscany. What are wine windows? After the Bubonic Plague swept through Florence in 1634, scholar Francesco Rondinelli wrote about […]

chocolate factory
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A Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory in the Netherlands!?

Memories of Willy Wonka and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! In Zaanstad, northwest of Amsterdam, a Dutch confectionary company called Tony’s Chocoloney will be opening up a building inspired by the wacky world of Roald Dahl’s beloved children’s novel Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. A Dutch architecture firm called SeARCH released a rendering for the project. And yes, it is bright red and […]

Amsterdam Restaurant Nails Social Distancing
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Amsterdam Restaurant Nails Social Distancing

This Amsterdam vega restaurant called Mediamatic Eten nails social distancing. They made small greenhouses so diners can enjoy a meal while social distancing. Cosy and quaint. This forward-thinking concept that is in testing mode and has yet to be approved by the necessary governing bodies, is a good start. As diners enter the establishment, they […]

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7 Reasons Why You Need To Visit Ottawa

When was the last time you visited Ottawa, Canada’s capital? I visited Ottawa for the first time in over ten years and was stunned by how much the city has to offer visitors.  Canada’s capital has come a long way from its sleepy government origins to a vibrant town.  You could spend a weekend just going […]

Callie hot little biscuits
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Where to Eat and Drink in Charleston

Visiting Charleston is like taking a step back in time. From the civil war era mansions to the cobblestone streets, Charleston is filled with southern culture, class, and charm. Over four million visitors walk the streets of South Carolina’s oldest city each year and it’s easy to see why. What you may not have known […]

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A Guide to Jordanian Cuisine

Imagine yourself in Jordan walking through a bustling market filled with food, spices and people. The scent of Za’atar with it’s medley of thyme, oregano, sumac and sesame seeds surrounds you. As you walk further into the heart of the market, you catch a hint of cumin and the mouth-tingling cardamom, with its strong punch […]

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“The Restaurant of Order Mistakes” Hires Waiters With Dementia

So here’s the deal. You’ve been craving a burger all week, and you finally have time to go out and eat some. You find a cozy restaurant, sit by the window looking out to busy streets, order your dish and wait for your burger. After what seems like a decade to your rumbling appetite, your order arrives. […]

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Plane Food: Why Is It So Bad And Can We Do Anything?

Plane Food: Let’s Start With The Ugly Bland flavours, stale bread, cookies the consistency of copper, and everything is a LOT too chewy. Plane food is just plain terrible. The first semi-official meal of your journey will almost never live up to the new and exciting foods you’re already dreaming of. This is something of […]

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5 Hawker Centres In Singapore That You Must Visit

Singapore is one of the places where you can practically ‘travel around the world’ by using your taste buds. The small island is known for its excellent food from various cultures. But where can travelers find cheap and authentic food at reasonable prices? That is the million dollar question right there, isn’t it? For those […]

street food
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5 Street Food Spots to Visit While Exploring Old Istanbul

To fully appreciate and immerse oneself in a culture while traveling, all five senses must be satisfied. We travel to see, to feel, smell, hear, and finally, taste. Food is one of the main aspects to experiencing a place and their customs firsthand. Istanbul offers a wide selection of food, from high-end cuisine to traditional foods in […]