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 · 3 min read

Stonehenge: The Mystical Experience In The English Countryside

Visiting Stonehenge in the English Countryside was my travel partner’s idea. But I wondered, what’s so special about a pile of rocks in a circle? I had seen photos of Stonehenge before, usually as computer screensavers and knew it was a landmark – but I was unaware of the ideologies, the myths and the curiosity […]

 · 6 min read

11 Cities With Amazing Cafes You’ll Love Cozying Up In

Whether it’s on business or vacation, at work or simply on the go, there is nothing like sitting down at just the right cafe. Cafes are little islands of tranquility in the hustle and bustle of big cities. They are centers of life and culture in small towns, and, most importantly, they are the home […]