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 · 2 min read

Become A Part Of The Plot With Disney’s New Immersive Star Wars Hotel

It’s impossible not to have heard about the newest addition to Disney World that’s in the works. Disney plans on launching a series of new Star Wars themed lands, set to open in 2019. The latest announcement by the mega conglomerate is the Star Wars themed hotel/resort. “Chewie, we’re home.” – Han Solo The announcement […]

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10 Luxury Hotels You Can Spend Your Life Savings on in One Night

For some of us, “expensive” is the last word we search when looking for accommodation while traveling. For others, money is no object when it comes time for a rich travel itinerary. With luxury hotels that have perks, privacy, pampering, protection, and pools, why would you go outside to see the city? Let’s take a […]

 · 6 min read

Make Sleeping Fun Again With These 10 Unique Hotels

There seems to be no place we won’t try sleeping at least once. From cabins balanced high on forest branches, to feather beds under the sea, people are constantly leaving the comfort of their own bedrooms for stranger and wilder accommodations. Before heading out on your next vacation, take a look at these 10 unusual […]