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 · 4 min read

Top 10 Tips to Get Extraordinary Experiences for Next to Nothing

Contrary to popular belief, traveling can be extremely affordable for the modern day adventure seeker. With the right tricks and tactics, you can save your hard earned cash while still going on the trip of your dreams. 1. Begin Planning Well in Advance Planning is important to start well in advance. Giving you more time […]

 · 3 min read

4 Touching Travel Movies That Will Make You Want To See The World

There’s nothing like a movie to get you laughing or your tears flowing. Films have a special way of touching us through their combination of beautiful visuals and narrative, and that effect is only increased when it comes to travel, which benefits so much from imagery. As good as travel literature and photography can be, […]

 · 2 min read

Doctor: Spending Money On Any Trip Will Make You The Happiest You Can Be

It may feel bad shelling out money for your dream traveling adventure, but recent science says there’s really nothing better you could be spending it on—if you’re looking for long-term happiness and well-being, that is. Sure, buying some clothes or the newest tech might bring you short-term joy, but research from Cornell University has shown […]