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Bordeaux Wine in France is the Vehicle to this Amazing Region

If you haven’t traveled to South Western France, add Bordeaux to the top of your list of great European cities to visit. As a port city located on the Garonne River, Bordeaux is among the most vibrant, energetic, and dynamic cities in France. Read on to learn why an amazing bottle of wine is just […]

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11 Cities With Amazing Cafes You’ll Love Cozying Up In

Whether it’s on business or vacation, at work or simply on the go, there is nothing like sitting down at just the right cafe. Cafes are little islands of tranquility in the hustle and bustle of big cities. They are centers of life and culture in small towns, and, most importantly, they are the home […]

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Make Sleeping Fun Again With These 10 Unique Hotels

There seems to be no place we won’t try sleeping at least once. From cabins balanced high on forest branches, to feather beds under the sea, people are constantly leaving the comfort of their own bedrooms for stranger and wilder accommodations. Before heading out on your next vacation, take a look at these 10 unusual […]