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wood bridge over a river with crystal blue water
 · 5 min read

10 Places Where You Can See the Bluest Water in the World

Our emotional and spiritual connection with water can be very strong. The way that water influences us is an indescribable feeling. Some feel it’s effects more so than others. There’s actually some scientific reasons as to why people feel differently after visiting the ocean. The water plays a huge part in the way we feel […]

solo motorcycle ride
 · 3 min read

Epic Solo Motorcycle Ride From India to Australia

In eight months, Candida Louis embarked on an epic solo motorcycle ride from India to Australia. She passed through nine countries, covering over 27,500 kilometres on a Bajaj Dominar motorcycle she named ‘Skye.’ She captured her journey using a tripod, a digital camera, three GoPro cameras and a drone. “I also met several bikers, clubs, […]

 · 2 min read

Tips and Tricks of Traveling Through India For First-Timers

At the mention of India, I think booming, majestic, chaotic, intoxicating, haunting, beautiful, and never ending. With so much going on, where do you start? Here are some tips and tricks to help all you first-timers experience the pure magic. Pick your niche India is one of the biggest emerging powers of the world and […]

 · 5 min read

10 Great Cities With Incredibly Cheap Beer – Does It Get Any Better?

What could be better than a breathtaking city and a deliciously cold pint of beer – cheap beer!? Especially if you bought the cold one with leftover pocket change. For the beer sippers, chuggers, and connoisseurs, here are 10 incredible cities with surprisingly cheap beer. 10 Amazing Cities With Astoundingly Cheap Beer 1. Krakow, Poland In Krakow, […]

 · 2 min read

These 4 Delicious Foods Will Make You Book A Ticket To Kolkata

Though India is quickly climbing the ranks of the world’s culinary scene, Kolkata (formerly Calcutta) has yet to truly shine for its mouthwatering food offerings. Foodies and regular travelers alike will find foods in Kolkata that please and challenge their senses. From fresh, seasonally-picked street teas to spice blends (and possibly even spices) you’ve never […]