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Everything You Need To Know About Puerto Vallarta

The last time I visited Puerto Vallarta was in 1999. So long ago that my memories were fragmented. What remains in my mind are the miles of lush vegetation, the vibrant pastel colours and the salty air. Upon arrival, the welcoming, warm breeze carried that familiar salty redolent that brought me back to my first […]

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Yoga Vacation Retreat

Exhausted and ready for a break? A yoga retreat is a perfect vacation to relax and re energize your life! So you’ve been too busy at work, and you can’t for the life of you make your 5 o’clock yoga class, sound familiar? Sometimes in order to prioritize our self-care, we need to pull ourselves out […]

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Indigenous Woman Wins 50 Kilometer Ultra-Marathon in Sandals

High quality running equipment and gear might be the deciding factor for winning a marathon. However, an indigenous woman from Mexico beat all odds, winning an ultra-marathon in a pair of sandals made from recycled tire rubber. María Lorena Ramírez, a 22-year-old indigenous woman, came in first place in the female category in the Ultra Trail Cerro […]

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10 Great Cities With Incredibly Cheap Beer – Does It Get Any Better?

What could be better than a breathtaking city and a deliciously cold pint of beer – cheap beer!? Especially if you bought the cold one with leftover pocket change. For the beer sippers, chuggers, and connoisseurs, here are 10 incredible cities with surprisingly cheap beer. 10 Amazing Cities With Astoundingly Cheap Beer 1. Krakow, Poland In Krakow, […]

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3 Great Ways To Get A Taste Of Puerto Vallarta

There are a ton of reasons to vacation in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Sunny days, beautiful beaches, lots of attractions, friendly people and a mix of colonial and modern architecture that will knock you back. But one of the best things about this little paradise is the food! You can get a taste of the fabulous […]