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Savouring the Sophistication: Napa Valley Resorts & Wineries

Napa Valley, the heart of California’s wine country, offers endless opportunities for visitors to indulge in luxurious experiences. Two Auberge Properties, Stanley Ranch and Solage Resort & Spa, provide such unique getaways, each with its distinctive flair. This article delves into the surrounding areas, amenities, and benefits of both properties, followed by a brief overview […]

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Italy has Revived Wine Windows

Restaurant and bar owners in Florence, Italy have embraced COVID-19 in an interesting way. They have revived the century-old tradition of wine windows. There are approximately 150 wine windows in the Florence area alone, with 300 catalogued throughout Tuscany. What are wine windows? After the Bubonic Plague swept through Florence in 1634, scholar Francesco Rondinelli wrote about […]

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The Perfect Accommodations for Wine Lovers

If one glass of wine is good for you, imagine a bottle. Better yet, a barrel! The Quinta da Pacheca winery in the Douro Wine Region of Portugal offers a unique experience for wine lovers. You can sleep in a wine barrel overlooking their vineyard. The winery is one of the first properties to bottle wine […]

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Bordeaux Wine in France is the Vehicle to this Amazing Region

If you haven’t traveled to South Western France, add Bordeaux to the top of your list of great European cities to visit. As a port city located on the Garonne River, Bordeaux is among the most vibrant, energetic, and dynamic cities in France. Read on to learn why an amazing bottle of wine is just […]

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The Essential Guide To Food And Eating In Quebec City

This wonderful post is shared from Planet Blue Adventure, an awesome blog about travel, food, and everything in between! Visit it here for more great content like this. Guest Post by Jennifer Sharp As destinations for gastronomic excellence go, Quebec City has always been high on the list, with its unique blend of both deluxe […]

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The Ultimate Weekend Guide To Niagara-On-The-Lake

I have always marveled at the allure of the Niagara region. As a child, with my extended family, we would pack lunches—enough to feed an army—and embark on summer day trips to Niagara Falls. We would pose along the iron gate with the falls in the background, trek up and down Clifton Hill, and park […]