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Stunning treehouse retreat
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Stunning Treehouse Retreat in Queensland, Australia

Do you recall the famous novel by Johann David Wyss called “The Swiss Family Robinson?” It was about a Swiss family of immigrants whose ship en route to Port Jackson, Australia, goes off course and is shipwrecked in the East Indies? Long story short, they end up building a treehouse as shelter and live most their lives there (well they move to a […]

magical forest
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An Hour East of Melbourne You’ll Find A Magical Forest

Just an hour’s drive east of Melbourne, in the Yarra Ranges, you’ll find a magical forest. You can venture through it by car through the scenic winding road, and hair-pin turns. The route lined with snowgum woodlands to the rainforest and everything in between will take your breath away. Take the scenic route Total distance: 27.9 kilometresDriving […]

solo motorcycle ride
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Epic Solo Motorcycle Ride From India to Australia

In eight months, Candida Louis embarked on an epic solo motorcycle ride from India to Australia. She passed through nine countries, covering over 27,500 kilometres on a Bajaj Dominar motorcycle she named ‘Skye.’ She captured her journey using a tripod, a digital camera, three GoPro cameras and a drone. “I also met several bikers, clubs, […]

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Discovering New South Wales

New South Wales (NSW) is a fabulous travel destination where there’s always something to do and see for anyone. With milder temperature changes over the seasons, it remains a popular tourist region with over 33 million visitors annually. The state capital being Sydney, where Australia’s iconic Sydney Opera House rests, attracts more visitors than the other […]

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21 Instagrammable Places In Western Australia You Must See

The road to Western Australia is the one less traveled. Tourists flock to Sydney, Melbourne, Cairns, and claim they have been to the Land Down Under. I hate to burst your bubble but you haven’t seen the country in all its glory if you haven’t ventured out West. Here are a few incredible places that […]

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15 Things To Check Off Your Bucket List When You Visit Australia

Although small in scale compared to other continents, The Land Down Under, aka Australia, comprises of extraordinary wildlife, nature, and urbanscape. Australia is home to 19 UNESCO World Heritage sites, so pack your swim suits and hiking boots for the adventure of a lifetime! 1. Snorkel in The Great Barrier Reef Australia is home to […]

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8 Places Where You Can Have The City And The Beach All At Once

A city by the ocean is the best of both worlds, offering all the culture and excitement of a metropolitan, with beach and waterfront activities right on your doorstep. There’s no reason you can’t have the beach and live in a city, too. If you’re looking for the comforts of city life but love the […]

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9 Stunning Diving Spots Around The World You Need To See At Least Once

Looking for the most jaw-dropping and unique sites to go diving? These are places where you will see a world unseen; where your determination and diving hours will be rewarded with a glimpse of the sublime. Here are nine stunning diving spots around the world that you need to see at least once! The Most […]

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11 Cities With Amazing Cafes You’ll Love Cozying Up In

Whether it’s on business or vacation, at work or simply on the go, there is nothing like sitting down at just the right cafe. Cafes are little islands of tranquility in the hustle and bustle of big cities. They are centers of life and culture in small towns, and, most importantly, they are the home […]