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This Mom And Her Kids Adventure Travel Like You’d Never Imagine

For most of us city-dwelling folk, an adventure travel trip into nature—into real, rugged, unadulterated nature—is a rarity. Even the most outdoorsy and passionate of us may take the car out of town for a hike, surf, or mountain climb, maybe once or twice a week. For us, a day or two trekking through dense […]

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Grandma’s Adventure Box Keep the Kids Busy All Year Round

One very thoughtful grandmother Darlene Howell Waller, (aka Nonna) came up with a brilliant Christmas gift for her grandsons – Grandma’s adventure box! She compiled a box full of goodies that kept the boys busy for the following year. And made sure that the entire family can enjoy throughout the year. She shared her idea […]

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Why Travelling with your Kids is the Best Gift

I didn’t travel much as a kid. We instead explored our home province of Ontario, Canada. My parents best memories are travelling with their kids – a day trip here and there, a weekend jaunt to my uncle’s cottage at Balm Beach. My favourite memory is splashing in the warm water of Georgian Bay, drying […]

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Exploring Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbor By Junk Boat

Marketed primarily as an international urban destination, many remain unaware of Hong Kong’s myriad of spectacular outdoor activities available. In the city’s thick humidity and skyrocketing summer temperatures, how do the locals stay cool? Well, it is common practice to spend at least one day per summer season on a yacht. Or, as it is […]

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7 Ways To Have Fun And Stay Ethical With The Whole Family

Travel is a spectacular way to bring the family together. It expands horizons, inspires the mind, and gives way to a new perspective on the world. Studies have shown that travel encourages emotional growth and maturity, fosters acceptance and appreciation of diversity, and can better your children’s grades in school. Instead of having them read […]

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Why Family Vacations Are More Beneficial Than Toys

Balancing a family on top of a busy work schedule doesn’t leave much left over time. Breaking away from routine and experiencing new things is good for our mental health. Can traveling be just as rewarding for children? Instead of purchasing toys that they will forget about, consider booking a family vacation instead. They’ll be […]

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If You’re Traveling With Kids These Tips Will Save Your Life

Many parents believe that children are the ultimate anti-travel, but traveling with kids of any age can be a low-stress (and even enjoyable!) experience. If it’s done right, at least. Children, by nature, are curious little explorers, so traveling is right up their alley. A fantastic and fun trip will also leave long-lasting memories and […]