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5 Quirky Roadside Attractions in Pennsylvania

One of the best things about a road trip is the quirky roadside attractions you’ll see along the way. And if you are driving through Pennsylvania, you will see examples of novelty architecture and sculptures. Keep this list handy if you are heading to Pennsylvania! The Haines Shoe House in York Location: Along Route 30 […]

Toronto night lights
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The Ultimate Guide To Adventure In Toronto

GET YOUR ADVENTURE ON BIKE RIDE – Take a tour (see below) or build your own adventure. Toronto Island Trail (5.5 km) Martin Goodman Trail (56 km ends at the Rouge River) Tommy Thompson Trail (only open on weekends) Lower Don Trail (10km) Humber River Trail (30km ends at Lake Ontario) CLICK HERE FOR ADDITIONAL […]

chile mountain skiing feature
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These Guys Revolutionized Camp By Taking Kids Mountain Skiing In Chile

As a child, I did not have the life changing over night camp experience. I, unfortunately (or, fortunately) had a strict immigrant mother who shunned at the notion of sending her children away to some wilderness to eat powdered eggs and sleep on the dirt. The nerve! And, upon recently receiving the Canada Camps guide […]

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This Mom And Her Kids Adventure Travel Like You’d Never Imagine

For most of us city-dwelling folk, an adventure travel trip into nature—into real, rugged, unadulterated nature—is a rarity. Even the most outdoorsy and passionate of us may take the car out of town for a hike, surf, or mountain climb, maybe once or twice a week. For us, a day or two trekking through dense […]

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Jurassic Park is Closer Than You Think

Kentucky offers a one-of-kind Jurassic Park for tiny palaeontologists and dinosaur lovers of all ages called Dinosaur World. The recently renovated park was created by Swedish businessman Christer Svensson. He moved to Florida in the early 90s and visited the first Dinosaur World. Then, it included dinosaurs that were made by the park employees from fibreglass, […]

haunted hike
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A Haunted Hike In New Jersey, Will Send You Running For The Hills

Who doesn’t love a haunted hike through the woods in the middle of the night? Sign you up? So, what that makes the BoToNa Trail (short for BAck TO NAture) in New Jersey so frightening!? It’s the Jersey Devil! Haunted Hike The Jersey Devil story is centuries old. And, over the years, there have been […]

mach speed
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If You Could Travel at Mach Speed, Would You?

We are in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and the thought of travel is not top of mind. However, if you could get to a location faster than normally, say at Mach speed, and get to Australia in a handful of hours, would you do it? Live Aid Back in the 80’s during the […]

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Grandma’s Adventure Box Keep the Kids Busy All Year Round

One very thoughtful grandmother Darlene Howell Waller, (aka Nonna) came up with a brilliant Christmas gift for her grandsons – Grandma’s adventure box! She compiled a box full of goodies that kept the boys busy for the following year. And made sure that the entire family can enjoy throughout the year. She shared her idea […]

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Road-tripping? Here are 7 Must-See Destinations

Road-tripping this summer? These charming destinations from across the U.S.A. may not be on your radar but they will be after you have this read this… Solvang, California Solvang is a quaint city located in southern California’s Santa Ynez Valley. It’s known for its Danish-style architecture and many wineries. The Elverhøj Museum of History & […]

travelling with kids
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Why Travelling with your Kids is the Best Gift

I didn’t travel much as a kid. We instead explored our home province of Ontario, Canada. My parents best memories are travelling with their kids – a day trip here and there, a weekend jaunt to my uncle’s cottage at Balm Beach. My favourite memory is splashing in the warm water of Georgian Bay, drying […]