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6 Amazing Houses Hidden in Plain Sight

Have you ever felt like escaping for a little while? Dealing every day with the busy atmosphere in the city or the suburbs, it’s hard not to wish for a bit of peace and quiet sometimes. Here is a list of seven architectures that offer just that. Built into their surroundings, these houses hide in plain […]

eco tourism
 · 5 min read

Eco Tourism: Where Luxury Meets Environmentalism

Calling all environmentally inclined travelers! Are you heading off on your next vacation and looking to travel more environmentally friendly? Well, no need to worry because this article is for you! Eco tourism is a way to alleviate the negative environmental factors of travel, but at the same time, it allows you to travel in […]

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5 Incredible Places To Call Home For Less Than $500 a Month

2017 is the era of digital nomads and adventurous expats. Millenials can make a living by hopping from one country to another, relying on the wifi connection and the number of Instagram followers they have. But even with these new gen jobs, living expenses still add up. Finding a place that’s affordable, but also aesthetically-pleasing […]

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Air BnB: The Turquoise House In Istanbul, Turkey

Finding accommodations is a huge part of trip-planning. Where you stay can alter your whole vacation. Which is why planning your trip around where you will be spending a portion of each day is as important as planning the trip itself. In the summer of 2014, my family and I had the opportunity to visit […]

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Become A Part Of The Plot With Disney’s New Immersive Star Wars Hotel

It’s impossible not to have heard about the newest addition to Disney World that’s in the works. Disney plans on launching a series of new Star Wars themed lands, set to open in 2019. The latest announcement by the mega conglomerate is the Star Wars themed hotel/resort. “Chewie, we’re home.” – Han Solo The announcement […]

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Renting Abroad from A Landlord’s Perspective

On a recent trip to Florida, I sat down with Real-Estate Agent and vacation home owner Ruth McNab. To get the inside scoop on renting vacation properties, we sat on her veranda basking in the afternoon sun. She filled me in what you need to know about buying or renting a vacation property.   Location, […]

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Pet Sitting Abroad: How To Travel The World With A Free Stay

Longing for travel but can’t bear leaving your beloved pooch or tabby alone? Or maybe you’ve planned a trip but don’t know where to stay for an affordable price? This unique opportunity offers a win-win scenario by connecting wanderlust pet owners with like-minded travellers looking for a place to stay. Trusted House Sitters is one of many […]

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10 Luxury Hotels You Can Spend Your Life Savings on in One Night

For some of us, “expensive” is the last word we search when looking for accommodation while traveling. For others, money is no object when it comes time for a rich travel itinerary. With luxury hotels that have perks, privacy, pampering, protection, and pools, why would you go outside to see the city? Let’s take a […]

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Your Perfect Winter Getaway in Georgina Awaits

It’s hard to find motivation in winter because the 50 shades of grays can really bring us down. Canada has long winters, but that doesn’t mean we should have 4 months of “I don’t want to go outside the cold hurts my face” phase. A well-deserved break is closer and quicker than you think. Just […]

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Experience Total R&R at These 5 Small Luxury Resorts

The sun glistening on your skin as you lay on the sand. The soft sound of crashing waves. A gentle breeze. Swim-up bars with ever-flowing drinks. Top-quality service catering to your every need. This is paradise. Here are five adults-only luxury resorts that are small in size so you can experience total R&R with the […]

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Vacationing Like a Celebrity at Jamaica’s Half Moon

It’s my first visit to Jamaica, and this was the real deal! Not at all like the time I strolled ashore from a cruise ship and spent a few hours at Jimmy Buffet’s in Montego Bay imbibing “real Jamaican Rum Punch.” I truly vacationed like a celebrity at Jamaica’s Half Moon. Arriving at Half Moon, […]

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Eco-Friendly Adventures and Unplugged Escapes in Colorado

Colorado is your next optimal destination if you are looking for eco-tourism that pushes the boundaries, exceeds expectations and is ecologically responsible. There are some incredible places to go, with everything from hiking to skiing, in every terrain and season. Colorado has tons of cozy places stay, a state that is as big as it […]