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Amidst the Pandemic, this Resort Started a Relief Fund for its Staff

COVID-19 has affected the travel industry dramatically. Bay Gardens Resorts in St. Lucia, is no different, however they started a relief fund for its staff. They are offering resort credits on future stays to travellers who donate to a relief fund created to support its staff members during the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) pandemic. The family-owned […]

Skipped Cancer Treatment to Travel
 · 2 min read

She Skipped Cancer Treatment to Travel Across the Country

Do you remember the story of Driving Miss Norma, the 90-year-old woman who skipped cancer treatment to travel instead? Norma Jean Bauerschmidt received a life-threatening diagnosis, days after husband’s passing. She boldly decided to skip cancer treatment to travel across the country instead. She was done with hospitals. “I’m 90-years-old,” Norma said. “I’m not interested in […]

Mauritius underwater waterfall illusion
 · 2 min read

Mauritius Underwater Waterfall Illusion is Mind-blowing

Mauritius underwater waterfall illusion defies reason. Mauritius’s underwater waterfall illusion is located at the Southwestern tip of the island in the Indian Ocean. What causes it? The trails of sand on the seafloor are dragged away by water going between the opening in the reefs. When you view it from above, the runoff of sand […]

passenger gives first-class seat to 88-year-old woman
 · 4 min read

Flight Passenger Offers Up First-Class Seat

During the mandated lockdown, many have resorted to online virtual tours to satisfy their need to explore with a first-class ticket to anywhere. If you had a passport for virtual travel, what stamps would you have and would the pages be filled with them? And who would be travelling with you? Friends, family? Perhaps you’re […]

pink flamingos in Mumbai
 · 3 min read

Flamingos Colour the Landscape of Mumbai

The animal kingdom is reclaiming the land they once roamed before humans took over. We have read about the lions in South Africa lounging on the roads and the turtles in Florida taking over a beach. One of our favourite stories is of the flamingos in Mumbai, India. Record Number Flamingos Flamingos migrating to Mumbai […]

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4 Cities Where Full Civilizations Are Living Underground

In several places around our globe, you will find full civilizations living underground. However, of these cities, four stand out as unique. Many are the product of conflicting political forces and financial strife above ground. Whether the dwellings house unusually large civilizations or involve complex family structures, each tells its own tale of poverty and […]

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21 Instagrammable Places In Western Australia You Must See

The road to Western Australia is the one less traveled. Tourists flock to Sydney, Melbourne, Cairns, and claim they have been to the Land Down Under. I hate to burst your bubble but you haven’t seen the country in all its glory if you haven’t ventured out West. Here are a few incredible places that […]

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Total Solar Eclipse 2017: 5 Cheaper Alternatives For Viewing

The total solar eclipse is a rare natural phenomenon that occurs once every few years. On August 21, 2017, those who are lucky to be in the path of totality will experience the earth going dark for a few minutes as the sun aligns with the moon. But if you’re only starting to plan your […]

Travel Photographer of the Year
 · 5 min read

National Geographic Announces Travel Photographer Of The Year 2017

This year, over 15,000 photographers participated in one of the most influential and recognizable photography competitions in the world. The National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year Contest 2017. The competition accepted entries taken in the past 2 years from thousands of photographers around the world. The grand prize winner receives a 10-day trip for […]

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Indonesia: 8 Places To Visit In This Region Led By A Monarchy

The 21st century summarized in 3 words is: selfies, millennials and the internet. In a generation where people stand on chairs to get the perfect flat lay of their food, it is refreshing to visit a place deeply embedded with century old culture and values. The island of Java proves that dynasties, monarchs, castles, legends, and kings […]

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There’s More To Bournemouth: A Local’s Insight Into A Tourist City

Bournemouth has been a popular tourist destination in England for many years. Its repute is mainly due to its coastal location and warm summer sun. Every summer, thousands of families and travelers flock to the beach town to partake in the many waterfront activities that the Bournemouth Tourism Association can advocate for. It may not […]

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The Netherlands’ Inspiring Tale Of Becoming Stray Dog-Free!

The thought of a lonely, malnourished dog left out on the streets to brave the harsh elements and lead a life devoid of love is a hard one to bear. Still, every city in the world faces problems with homeless canines. Most, if not all regions have systems in place to curb the growth of […]