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hotel hacks
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Hotel Hacks to Improve Your Stay

Here at Trip Jaunt, we are avid travellers, both for business and pleasure. Prior to the pandemic, I alone was clocking in approximately 100,000 miles annually. And, one of our favourite things to share with each other upon our return is a new travel hack we conceived or learned. We scoured the internet and selected […]

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Experiences vs. Things: Where Should You Invest Your Money?

Money can’t buy happiness, as the familiar saying goes. But this phrase refers to the buying of material things; be it cars, clothes, or expensive wristwatches. Of course, materialistic things do offer temporary happiness, and there’s nothing wrong with indulging in the pleasure of things once in awhile. But what about the long run? Where […]

yoga retreat
 · 3 min read

Yoga Vacation Retreat

Exhausted and ready for a break? A yoga retreat is a perfect vacation to relax and re energize your life! So you’ve been too busy at work, and you can’t for the life of you make your 5 o’clock yoga class, sound familiar? Sometimes in order to prioritize our self-care, we need to pull ourselves out […]

 · 5 min read

Why Prague Is A Great Option For First Time Travellers

Prague: Travelling For Beginners Greetings to all first-time travellers planning your first trip into the great big world! You have come to the right place. Maybe you’ve gone on a few all-inclusive vacations before, and now you’re ready to dive into the real deal. Maybe you’ve always had your eyes set on Europe, but simply […]

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Why You Should Visit The Toronto Islands This Summer

The Toronto Islands are officially open for business after a long off season and another long couple months of flooding. The water levels in Lake Ontario were higher than they’ve been in a century. This led to flooding along the lakeshore and all through the Toronto Islands. And so, with the islands closed, Torontonians were […]

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Prague Neighborhoods: What’s What And Where

The Puzzle Pieces of Prague The many districts of Prague often confound new travelers. Although small and compact, Prague can seem overwhelming to someone not familiar with the different neighborhoods and districts. To simplify, the city is comprised of small and larger chunks, called districts. The districts range from Prague 1 to Prague 10. Within […]

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Hong Kong’s Top 4 Outlying Islands

From an outsider’s perspective, Hong Kong may seem like little more than a concrete jungle. This, however, is a common misconception. Hong Kong is actually made up of over 200 separate outlying islands, ripe for exploration! In fact, Hong Kong island isn’t even the largest in the region. Island hopping is a common summer practice […]

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5 Incredible Places To Call Home For Less Than $500 a Month

2017 is the era of digital nomads and adventurous expats. Millenials can make a living by hopping from one country to another, relying on the wifi connection and the number of Instagram followers they have. But even with these new gen jobs, living expenses still add up. Finding a place that’s affordable, but also aesthetically-pleasing […]