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Hong Kong’s Top 4 Outlying Islands

From an outsider’s perspective, Hong Kong may seem like little more than a concrete jungle. This, however, is a common misconception. Hong Kong is actually made up of over 200 separate outlying islands, ripe for exploration! In fact, Hong Kong island isn’t even the largest in the region. Island hopping is a common summer practice […]

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Top 5 Must-See Hong Kong Hiking Trails

You’ve probably heard of Hong Kong’s largest and most dominant Islands, Hong Kong and Kowloon, but what about the other 261? Take a journey out of the hustle and bustle of the city’s urbanscape and into the lush mountain ranges to find some of South East Asia’s most picturesque hiking trails. 1. Lantau There are […]

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Exploring Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbor By Junk Boat

Marketed primarily as an international urban destination, many remain unaware of Hong Kong’s myriad of spectacular outdoor activities available. In the city’s thick humidity and skyrocketing summer temperatures, how do the locals stay cool? Well, it is common practice to spend at least one day per summer season on a yacht. Or, as it is […]

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A Guide To Hong Kong’s Giant Outdoor Escalator

Hong Kong is home to the largest outdoor, covered escalator system in the world. Beginning in the city’s Central region, it runs all the way up to the Mid-Levels district. It sprawls over 2,600 ft, climbing 443 ft vertically. Footbridges link eighteen separate escalators and three moving walkways. Servicing over 85,000 people daily, the system offers a […]

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Macau, The World’s Premier Gambling City

Everyone has heard of Las Vegas, but how many of us are familiar with its distant, South-East Asian counterpart, Macau? Separated from Hong Kong by the Pearl River Delta to the east, stands an island with an immense gambling industry. The annual casino revenue here is seven times that of Las Vegas. The region was […]

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Top 5 Must See Shopping Destinations In Hong Kong

Hong Kong, a city world-renowned for its shopping. Home to some of China’s largest shopping malls, the city oozes all things fashion. From couture and high-end to vintage, barter-friendly markets overflowing with economically priced goods, the city showcases it all. To ensure you get a taste of everything that the metropolis has to offer, do […]

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The Hidden Peace And Natural Beauty Of Hong Kong That Most People Never See

Hong Kong is known for its towering skyscrapers and metropolitan rush. Seeing photos of its hyper-urban skyline aglow in the night or riding its crowded subway might lead you to believe that there’s no peace in this Asian city that never sleeps. That impression wouldn’t be correct, however! In fact, Hong Kong is surrounded rather […]